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COVID-19 Company Update

It's business as usual for Lilo during these troubled times - for your convenience.


Google’s Nofollow Attribute Update

SEO insiders were all paying close attention in September when Google announced their latest major algorithm change, specifically around the way no-follow links are counted.


How to Improve Your Local Rankings

Our in-depth guide on how you improve your local search rankings, and potentially increase leads and improve sales.


Ecommerce – How to Increase Your Site’s User Engagement

We share some strategic ways to improve engagement (and sales) for your e-commerce site, and some insight into why it’s so important to do so.


What’s in a website quote?

A couple of decades ago it was still fairly common for a business not to have a website. It took […]


SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Along with the rise in people leaving their day jobs to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs has come a […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecommerce

Over the past few years, the rise in e-commerce businesses has been evident. More people are able to make purchases […]


Guide to Digital Marketing

Not sure whether Digital Marketing is for you? Read on to find out everything you need to know.


How to Develop an E-commerce Business Strategy

To gain new clients and expand to increase revenue, there is a need to have a robust e-commerce marketing plan.


Lilo launches new CBD oil website, Fränkly Health

Lilo designed and developed a new Magento ecommerce website for Fränkly Health, an exciting new health store specialising in CBD oils.


Does Aggressive Marketing Work During the Pandemic?

Does aggressive digital marketing techniques work better during the time of Coronavirus? A guide to online marketing techniques during this pandemic.


Top Tools to Boost Remote Collaboration & Productivity

We look at tools that can help you and your team keep track of your work projects, and improve overall communication.


Google’s January 2020 Core Search Update

Google's latest core search algorithm update, the "January 2020 Core Update" is now live. We look at what it changes, and how it affects your site.


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