Looking for a way to improve your business strategy? Try Google Scrollend

Google’s new Scrollend Feature gives you more insight into your users and how they’re interacting with your website. Read on to learn more.

google scrollend

Having a solid marketing strategy is one thing but ensuring that it’s working well for your users is another. You can be misled into thinking that your efforts are paying off, when in fact, users are dropping off your site and not engaging with your content. That’s why it’s important to keep track of how they interact with your content so you know how to target them better. There are multiple ways and analytical data you can dissect to monitor this but a new feature, called Scrollend, introduced by Google is the newest method.

What is Scrollend?

Google has recently announced a new JavaScript event for Chrome called scrollend. It gives you customer insights and helps you find out exactly how much your users are interacting with your website and the moment they no longer do. The event is triggered in different situations including:

  • When the user is no longer scrolling in the browser
  • The moment the user releases contact from the screen
  • The user’s pointer has released the scroll thumb
  • A keypress has been released

Without this feature, there was no reliable way to know when a user had completed a scroll and whether they had paused scrolling. Scrollend now enables website owners to evaluate when a scroll has ended so that they can improve on bugs, provide their users with more content they would enjoy and most importantly, improve the user experience of the site.

scrollend will help improve UX

What are the benefits of using Scrollend?

Scrollend allows you to dig into what possibly made a user stop interacting with your content or what caused them to take a specific action. In their news update on Scrollend, Chrome Developers gives the example of a use case scenario where a user swipes away an email. Scrollend allows you to perform an action based on where the user scrolled to, to see what may have triggered them to swipe the email away. With this kind of information on hand, you can rework your strategy to improve it by either adding something or taking another item away that will not result in the user swiping away the email.

Although there are still a few tweaks that need to be made in order to fine-tune the data and results, for example, if a user zooms into a section on the page it counts as an event but the user didn’t scroll the document, the feature is still very helpful. You can use it to improve your marketing efforts as the event helps you recognise key points of user interaction. You may notice that they’re scrolling through your ad, looking for a sign-up form. You can then add it exactly where they would want it to improve your conversions and complete your strategy’s goals. You can also use the feature to determine where is best to add sales copy and which of your readers need a little bit more attention or the ones that you need to retarget because they’re showing more interest.

Final thoughts

The innovative feature helps businesses optimise their marketing efforts as they can identify pain points in their users’ journey, which in turn helps with better targeting, improved user experience, and higher conversions. Ultimately, Scrollend could improve your sales and improve your business because it provides key insights into what areas of your website are causing your bounce rate to increase.

scrollend helps marketing strategy

Scrollend is a useful feature for both marketers and website owners but if you’re looking for a solid digital marketing strategy to place behind these additional features, our experts are ready to help. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, placing us ahead of the game. We also have the expertise to adapt and improve based on emerging digital trends so your business is always a leader in your industry. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote to get started and watch your business soar.

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