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The Challenge

Uniquely Health provides health solutions, dedicated to making individuals feel and stay healthier for longer.

Sector: Health
Target Audience: B2C
Services Web Development, UX Development, WordPress, SEO
Technologies: WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: United Kingdom

Their teams of specialists deliver personalised data driven health plans which are holistic and focused on prevention while constantly deploying innovative analyses.

By combining clients’ genetics, regular blood work analysis, data from wearable devices and nutritional information – they build a truly all-around picture of your health.

Uniquely Health requested a web development based project with a user-friendly CMS in order to easily manage the site’s content, including products, videos and images.

The Solution

Uniquely Health provided us with a comprehensive brief prior to starting this web development project, from which we produced initial wireframes of all the key functional areas of the site along with platform modules and other additional functionalities Project Scope of Works

  • UX Web Development
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development

A clean design was needed that could showcase their action points clearly, while providing a web experience that conveyed the company’s messaging effectively.

Another requirement was for the site to comply with the brand’s core guidelines: Premium, Health, Trust, Innovative and Luxury.

A form booking system was also needed for various user account functions, such as account creation and management. Moreover, for this web development project, the site needed to have eCommerce capabilities, be scalable and mobile friendly with secure GDPR guidelines, and with various tracking features added.

Resources / Planning

  • UX Specialists
  • SEO Specialists
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers
Uniquely Health - Image Portfolio

The Result

Uniquely Health’s service offering on how they can impact their clients positively was conveyed efficiently through the design. A clear font was used for the site, which also played a part in addressing the client’s action points eminently (with a well-integrated type form). The overall design focused on using a light colour palette to promote the feeling of health and wellness throughout.

For the web development, WordPress was chosen as the best platform for the new site, as it allows easy content management as well as a faster we development cycle.

Form functionalities were implemented to help manage user accounts, appointment bookings and more. These were also used to generate interstitials to prompt newsletter sign-ups and display other offers.

Other new site features included:

  • A dedicated blog section to share useful research and guides
  • Allowing healthcare providers and end-users to create multiple accounts
  • Bespoke payment URLs for each individual
  • Zoom video call integration
  • Trigger automatic actions after specific events
  • Offer multi-currency options
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • A fixed navigation menu
  • Google crawlability features such as an XML sitemap

Tracking functions such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, Facebook etc.

Throughout this entire web development project, our team was constantly in contact with the client to update them on our progress and we are all very happy with the final result.

Other Features
— Unique payment URLs for each user
— Zoom video call integration
— Multi-currency


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