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As of 2023, WordPress powers 43% of the entire web. Arguably the most popular website creation tool available today, it is a powerful content management and blogging platform and we are not afraid to use it.

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A Powerful Platform – for everybody

We are a versatile and experienced WordPress development agency forming long term relationships with businesses in the city of London and beyond. Our team of skilled professionals from various disciplines, bring together a wealth of expertise to provide a comprehensive range of services focused on WordPress website design and support.

As of 2023, WordPress powers 43% of the entire web. Arguably the most popular website creation tool available today, it is a powerful content management and blogging platform.

Major brands from all types of industries have adopted it as their blog platform or CMS. Mercedes-Benz, The Walt Disney Company, BBC America, Star Wars and more – WordPress is for everyone.

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Flexible WordPress Development Solutions
No matter the type of site you want built or designed, WordPress development offers the flexibility to do any site and customize it according to your needs. From blogs, to simple company websites, to extensive e-commerce sites, and even web applications, WordPress is a popular option which is perfect for SEO, highly adaptable, and fully scalable.

Developing in WordPress means that we have the freedom, the platform (and the skillset) to create anything for you.

Our Wordpress Services

We are a versatile and experienced WordPress development agency forming long term relationships with businesses in the city of London and beyond.

Wordpress Website development

Our team of expert developers build WordPress websites that are fast and easy to use.

Wordpress specialists

We are specialists at what we do. Lilo has the skills to advise and guide you through the journey of building your website.

Wordpress Performance optimisation

We have the skills to diagnose and fix performance issues on WordPress websites. We have extensive experience with server, plugin and Core Web Vital optimisations.

Custom WordPress Web Design
WordPress is an open-source platform which means that it is completely customisable. While it may be easy to get a WordPress site up and running, you need the guidance of an industry insider or WordPress Development agency such as us to help you refine and tailor the settings to suit your business, your target market, and the search engines’ preferences. That’s where our WordPress Development skills comes in.

From core functionality to visual design elements, Lilo Web design London will help you bring your vision for your company website or corporate blog to life.

Managing Your Content made easy
It’s not just your users that will benefit from custom WordPress development. With its intuitive content management system (CMS), you can easily make your content changes – from the office or even on the move with a mobile device. Once our experts have set up your website, you can take control of your content.

Functionality with Plugins
By developing with WordPress, we gain access to over 45,000 plugins to extend your site’s functionality.

To avoid conflicts, and potential errors – and minimising the amount of code – we recommend not using too many plugins – our in-house developers can build custom functionality to streamline site performance.

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Reach More People
WordPress’ SEO friendly features combined with a targeted digital marketing strategy give you a winning combination. From email marketing to search engine optimisation (SEO), our tools and methods can drive the right traffic to your site.

Digital marketing takes the guesswork out of advertising by targeting your exact demographic, and increases opportunities.

Professional WordPress Development Agency based in London
Our finished products are sleek and professional, with a strong focus on user experience. And if that’s not enough, after the initial development is completed, you’ll still be able to access, edit and adjust your content whenever you want.

Our developers can assist you with enhancing your existing WordPress design, or creating a whole new website. Speak to our London office today and find out how Lilo and WordPress can help you.


What type of a website can you build with WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform which means that it can be fully customised. Because of this flexibility, WordPress makes for the ideal platform to build almost any type of website. A few of the popular types of WordPress websites that you can build include:

  • Blogs and personal websites
  • eCommerce sites and online stores
  • Pay-per-view websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Government and educational websites

No matter the type of website that you decide to have built, WordPress offers thousands of themes to choose from to add personality to your website. And these themes can be customised. That’s where our WordPress development team comes in as they have the skills to make additions or subtractions to tailor a theme to your exact specifications, needs and preferences so that your website represents your brand and stands out from the crowd.

We can also offer you a fully customised web design and build it from the ground up so that it contains everything that you’re looking for in a website. The website will then be hosted on WordPress for easy access and editing. Our WordPress experts have over 20 years of extensive experience in developing websites so you can rest assured that your website will be in good hands.

Is WordPress a cost effective platform?

Building a website has many different factors that come into play and each one can come with its own costs. However, WordPress is a cost-effective platform because it is highly customisable. Depending on what type of website you need to be built as well as the number and complexity of the functions you require, you can expect a WordPress website to cost between £5,000 and £10,000 when you use our services. These prices include the design and development stages as well. You can also contact us for a non-obligation quote to include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, as well as digital marketing and branding services.

Our WordPress developers and team will begin the process by discussing your goals and needs to ensure that your project makes financial sense for your business. We will work hard to deliver a website that is aesthetically pleasing, functions well and benefits your bottom line.

Remember that it’s not just about how much money you spend on your website but the vision and story you bring to it.

Can I move my old website to a WordPress website?

WordPress has become a popular Content Management System (CMS) but if your website isn’t hosted on WordPress, or you’re looking to build a new website, then you may be wondering if you can migrate your old site to a WordPress without losing any data. Yes, you can migrate your old website and it’s easier than you think. Moving to WordPress doesn’t mean you have to start over but you will need a solid plan to effectively transfer everything.

Our web development London team will help you with doing a site evaluation so that they can determine how many pages will need to be imported and whether they will be able to import them manually or if the volume is too high and an importing tool is needed. Our experts will also look at the functionality of the old site and whether it contains any third-party integrations such as data collection that will need to be transferred and forms as well as the data they have collected from your users.

There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to get your new WordPress up and running with all the information and functionality of the old site so it’s important to give enough time for this migration. Also, remember that there may be some hiccups along the way, which our WordPress development London experts have enough experience to navigate, so you will have to factor in time for these as well. Contact us to get a better idea of the process and we will guide you through timelines and what to expect when migrating your old website to WordPress.

Is WordPress SEO friendly?

WordPress is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a CMS that is good for SEO. The advantages that WordPress include a guarantee of good User Experience (UX), easy-to-manage metadata, the ability to optimise images, fast webpage loading times, responsive design so your website will be accessible from any device and it has plugins that are made specifically for SEO purposes such as Yoast SEO and Google XML sitemaps.

WordPress gives you all of these options and functionalities to help improve your SEO rankings but it’s important to remember that they won’t automatically affect your SEO. Website owners still need to implement these integrations correctly and know how to utilise them to the fullest if they want to improve their SEO to get more organic web traffic.

Our Lilo specialists are well versed in SEO techniques so that whenever there is a Google algorithm update or any changes in trends, they will make sure that your site doesn’t suffer in rankings. They know how to optimise your site so that it performs well. For example, they do keyword research to ensure that your content contains words that your users are entering into search engines, know how to use the correct categories and tags, add schema markup and rich snippets, optimise your images and choose the best SEO plugins.

Once your site is live, you shouldn’t leave it up to chance for your customers to find you. Hiring our SEO specialists will give your business a boost and you’re likely to start seeing results and an improvement in sales within weeks of implementing our strategies. We also offer Google Adwords services to give your website and business a further boost, as well as digital marketing services to attract and convert customers.

Is my website and data secure on WordPress?

1 in 4 websites on the internet uses WordPress. This is not just because it’s an easy-to-use and efficient platform but also because it stores your website data safely. Although any site can be vulnerable to cyber-attack, there are a few ways you can ensure that your website is secure. Using a strong password so that your accounts are safe is one way. Making backups of your website and updating it and ensuring that you have the latest versions of plugins, themes and installations are additional ways to keep your data and website safe.

Our WordPress development London team runs continuous checks to keep track of your website and if everything is in order. The Lilo team also has extensive knowledge of plugins and ways to keep your data safe. We make it a habit to keep a backup of your website and data so that in the event of a mishap or security breach, you won’t lose anything and your website can be back up and running in no time.

How do I go about selecting the right WordPress development agency in London for my business?

Finding the ideal WordPress development agency in London requires careful consideration and evaluation. Begin by assessing your specific website requirements and goals, as this will help you identify agencies that specialize in those areas. Conduct thorough research by reviewing the portfolios, client testimonials, and case studies of different agencies.

This allows you to gauge their expertise, previous work quality, and industry experience. Look for agencies that have worked within your particular industry or niche, as they will possess valuable insights and understanding of your target audience. Consider factors such as the agency’s communication style, pricing structure, and level of ongoing support to ensure a good fit for your business.

Finally, arrange consultations with shortlisted agencies to discuss your project in detail, ask relevant questions, and assess their responsiveness and compatibility with your company’s values and objectives. This thorough assessment will assist you in making an informed decision and selecting the WordPress development agency that aligns best with your business needs.