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The Challenge

Sampan Travel is a Myanmar-based travel agency that creates tailor-made journeys in the Southeast Asian nation. They promote slow travel, and curate itineraries that are sustainable, intimate, and authentic.

Sector: Travel
Target Audience: B2C & B2B
Services WordPress Redevelopment, Web Design, Web Development, UX
Technologies: WordPress CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: Myanmar

Sampan’s previous website was a Magento eCommerce solution. Although Magento is a good web platform, it ended up being too elaborate than necessary, and the manner in which it was set up made for a slow user experience.

After reviewing the site content and discussing functionality, we recommended WordPress as a more streamlined solution to showcase the custom travel packages that Sampan Travel had to offer.

Sampan wanted a tailor made website that would counter their previous website. Their previous website was a Magento eCommerce solution which was a good web platform. However, it eventually proved to be more complex and outweighed the client’s requirements, resulting in a slow user experience.

The Solution

In this case, a user-friendly WordPress website was the best solution for Sampan Travel. This is after we reviewed the site content as WordPress offers a more streamlined platform to showcase the custom travel packages that Sampan Travel offers. We implemented a caching plugin to enhance the load speed of the site. We had to work closely with the client to direct content to the right pages and create landing pages that best suit each section. Project Scope of Works

A large focus for the new website was speed and user experience, which meant creating a custom WordPress structure and theme with no unnecessary elements that could potentially slow the site down.

Although performance was key, the website still had to utilise large imagery in order to showcase the various experiences that Myanmar has to offer to travellers.

A bespoke theme was created which was optimised for the design, reducing the bloat in code. The owner of Sampan Travel worked closely with us to plan out which content sections would be transferred to the new WordPress site, and create landing pages to best suit each section.

Finally, a specialised payment system was introduced, allowing Sampan Travel to quickly send out quotes for their custom travel packages, with easy click-to-pay links that allows users to quickly complete their purchase.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

And this project is what we call a success, as we did get the results we aimed to achieve in order to meet Sampan’s initial requirements. We worked to improve the site performance, which in turn helped with the User Experience, boosting Sampan Travel ‘s positioning and traffic. Our ongoing working relationship is thriving as we keep on applying changes to the site to keep it fresh and up to date.

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