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The Challenge

Tapestry is a Soho-based creative media production agency- our neighbour- they have been working alongside brands, agencies and other companies for over 40 years. Those partnerships allow Tapestry to expand their unique services, which no other production agencies can offer.

Sector: Creative media production
Target Audience: B2C & B2B
Services Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, SEO
Technologies: PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: United Kingdom

Tapestry was at a stage where they needed a website design makeover, and they sought our expertise. The initial brief was to enhance the website design and user experience of the existing WordPress site. Tapestry’s teams were way too often encountering issues when it came to adding or editing content. This was due to the way the website had been structured and set up.

To address these issues and improve the site, we proposed a simple solution: migrate the website to a newer version of WordPress and remove the outdated Laravel PHP framework.

The goal was to not only improve the web design and UX of the site, but also to empower Tapestry’s team to easily manage and update the site content.

The Solution

When we were approached to revamp Tapestry’s design, the team carefully considered the existing WordPress and Laravel setup.

Based on findings and benchmarking, Lilo recommended staying with WordPress , as its benefits perfectly matched Tapestry’s requirements. Our teams also identified some areas of improvements which would enhance the site’s overall performance

Project Scope of Works

We first looked at removing clutter and unnecessary elements, specifically the Laravel PHP framework. Streamlining the website’s code, removing unnecessary and unused components, we aimed to optimize the speed of the site, which has a direct impact on a better UX.

While applying those changes, we understood and respected the importance of preserving the original web design that Tapestry had created. Collaborating closely with Tapestry, we made sure to retain the essence and visual identity of the website design.

An impactful change was the footer which created a comprehensive section and a valuable resource to facilitate communication . Including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links, it serves to improve user engagement by making it easy for site visitors to get in touch with Tapestry.

The project’s main aim was to achieve the right balance between respecting the existing design while introducing new features. By using the strength of WordPress and incorporating functional enhancements, therefore optimizing performance, we strived to create a seamless user experience perfectly aligned with Tapestry’s vision.

Resources / Planning

The Result

The new Tapestry web design went live and has been seeing growth and increase in traffic and referrals ever since. Organic search and direct traffic were both greatly improved, leading to more visitors on the site and a higher potential for conversions and sales.

We worked to improve the UX, which led to users being able to navigate the site better and spend more time on it. With less frustrations, faster loading pages, and an easier user journey, the visitors are more likely to trust and engage with the site.

The improved back-end enabled Tapestry to upload new content more efficiently and manage existing content without any issues. This means they can now showcase all of their latest projects and business updates.

The addition of the contact details in the footer is a great success, and the numbers are here to prove it with a 72.25% increase in contact form completions. The increase in enquiries helped boost Tapestry’s presence.

We are all so pleased with the result and enjoy improving the site on a regular basis to ensure it is always on top of the searches and ahead of the competition.  Searching for a new web design partner to meet your business needs? Our London-based web design agency is here to help.

Other Features

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  • SEO Reporting


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