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The SilverStripe Development Challenge

The ICMA website needed a modern and clean design.

The core objectives of the site are to offer a set of tools and custom registration forms to help users navigate to the correct data sets and register for events. ICMA hosts a large number of regular events across the globe.

Being a membership organization, the site needs to provide ICMA Members the ability to view locked documents and data.

Sector: Financial
Target Audience: B2C & B2B
Website Objectives: Silverstripe Development, Improve the User Experience, Site Performance and Update the Design
Technologies: Silverstripe CMS, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: Switzerland / Global

ICMA also needed the ability to easily create custom forms for event sign ups, user feedback and gaining access to locked areas.

The Silverstripe implementation is integrated with ICMA bespoke CRM- fully created by Lilo- and pulls data from the CRM into locked areas.

Another core functionality is to allow users to update their preferences regarding the mailing lists, all integrated with Mailchimp.

ICMA aims to promote primary and secondary international capital markets, as well as repo and collateral activities. They prioritize three core areas within the fixed-income market and maintain the significance of sustainable finance and FinTech as key concepts in their initiatives.

The Solution

We approached the ICMA Silverstripe project by following our established processes. The website structure was fully reviewed by our teams, working in collaboration with ICMA’s relevant key stakeholders. From that review, we created a new site structure, ready to be implemented on Sivesrtripe CMS. Between the Specifications and Development phases, our creative teams drafted and refined a fresh and modern design.In order to meet ICMA functional requirements, we wrote custom components to allow ICMA Silverstripe site administrators to create and manage custom forms. These allow the ICMA to view these entries and also export them. For certain events it was necessary to have users automatically register in the CRM as event attendees. Project Scope of Works

Lilo wrote custom components to allow ICMA Silverstripe site administrators to create and manage custom forms.

SilverStripe CMS allowed us to make complex design easily editable to ICMA content editors, ensuring that their complex navigation structure is easy to manage.SilverStripe enabled ICMA to set up different site administrators and content authors with different levels of access to the backend depending on internal processes and requirements.

The ICMA site allows for online payments, either from users registering for events or purchasing material. A payment page was also required so that users can enter a custom amount and a reference to pay for various evemts. We integrated with datatrans to provide secure and seamless payments.

ICMA’s custom requirements include but not limited to: hosting audio files with a custom audio player, a one stop shop to watch their webinars and podcasts.

From the host of custom page templates ranging from simple content pages to complex section landing pages, custom user privileges, SilverStripe provided the perfect framework.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

Through renewing its Silvestripe web development structure with custom functionality and targeted keywords, ICMA gained visibility. Innovative solutions and creative designs have earned us a reputation as a top-tier web design agency in London. London, UK based businesses trust us to bring their digital visions to life.

In this case study, we redesigned and redeveloped the ICMA Siverstripe website by partnering with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team. As a result, we delivered a responsive and flexible site. The site was optimised for quicker loading times on both mobile and desktops to enhance the user experience. The initiative helped to improve accessibility, usability, and overall user satisfaction with the site resulting in a bounce rate decrease.

More about ICMA:

With more than five decades of experience, the team at ICMA have been working tirelessly towards expanding the international capital and securities markets. They have played a crucial role in emphasizing the standards, principles and guidelines that form the basis for the successful operation of these markets.

To achieve its objectives, ICMA brings together members from various sectors of the wholesale and retail debt securities market. They have set up regional and sectoral member committees comprised of industry professionals, focusing on a wide range of market practices and regulatory issues that impact all aspects of international market functioning.