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Lilo’s web development and web design team, work closely with our clients to bring your website to life. We’ve designed and developed websites for a wide variety of sectors and industries, both in London and globally, for over two decades.

“I honestly could not recommend their company enough. They are capable of finding a solution to almost any problem. Working with both Elodie and Tyrone have been fantastic. They are extremely responsive and very good at what they do.”

Anik Ghai, Elite Medics

“The Lilo team are a friendly and dedicated bunch of experts, who go above and beyond to ensure you get the intended results. From day one of working with them, they have been attentive, hard-working, and have helped GPA Global grow as a business.”

Samuel Lee Percival, GPA Global

“An attentive, knowledgeable and helpful team resulting in a website we're very happy with.”

Clarissa Stefania, Ombre Blush Brow

“An extremely knowledgeable agency that work as part of your team and understand your brand, as well as being lovely to work with day in, day out.”

Neesha Sharma, Zyliss

“My company has been using Lilo for over a decade now for major website, CRM, CMS, design and mailing campaign projects. Excellent work and all the staff so good and pleasant to deal with.”

Siobhan Benrejdal, ICMA

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Web design and development need to perform seamlessly as two halves of a perfect whole for the benefit of both users and search engines. Our web development team brings your vision to life with the functionality that your website needs to attract your target audience.

Web design

Web design is often the first impression you make on a new customer. Your design needs to grab the users attention by being user-friendly with intuitive design elements and an engaging user experience.

The world of web design is constantly evolving and it’s important to change with it. We offer modern and intuitive web design solutions with our web design London experts that produce show-stopping, exceptional websites.

Web development

Web development and web design need to perform seamlessly as two halves of a perfect whole for the benefit of both users and search engines. Our web development team brings your vision to life with the functionality that your website needs to attract users.

We’ve developed websites for a variety of industries in London and our custom-made templates make your website unique to your business and stand out among competitors.


WordPress can be used to build virtually any type of website. As an expert WordPress design and development agency we have the skills to create or optimise your unique web design on a ready-to-use platform.

Using WordPress has transformed the online presence of our web design London clients across a variety of industries and across the world.


Magento is a powerful and open-source eCommerce solution which has helped countless online companies grow their businesses worldwide. We use Magento development to create sleek, bespoke designs that adapt to current and future buying trends.

Lilo can take your website idea from start to finish, designing and developing a fully-operational eCommerce platform using Magento development’s powerful online-store functionality.


Shopify is a popular eCommerce website builder that we use for clients who want a simple, easy to use online store.

Shopify works well for a wide variety of industries and is relatively quick to get up and running.


eCommerce websites need to look good and have a well-designed user journey to create a positive customer experience. Shopping online is second nature to most people and has opened up opportunities for businesses of any size or type to be run purely online.

With years of experience designing and developing eCommerce websites on WordPress and Magento. Lilo will help to advise you on what will look great and work perfectly for you.


SEO or Search Engine optimisation, helps your website rank higher on search engines when someone looks for a business or service like yours. Our web design London expert specialists at Lilo will provide you with a customised SEO strategy and onsite optimisation to suit your specific business needs.

That means skillfully combining design, usability, and copywriting to make your site more visible to search engines and promote visitor engagement.

We know our stuff and now and again we’ll share our knowledge with you through a blog post. We like writing about new industry developments, digital marketing trends, web design and development in London, and of course Google’s continuous updates.


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How much does website design cost?

Your website is the digital face of your company so ensuring that you find an excellent web design London agency to help you represent it is important. And with any experienced agency, quoting for good web design should always start with a conversation between client and agency. Even a simple web design cost would need to be submitted on the basis of the design appealing to your target audience and standing out amongst your competitors.

We’ve worked with all types of businesses so we understand the most important and appealing elements of UX. The cost of web design in London rests on these foundations. It can take a few weeks for a simple brochure website at around £5,000, or a few months for a more complicated e-commerce site with lots of products and moving parts, for around £10,000. So, how much a website costs depends entirely on what type of design and functionality you want to include.

Our web design London costs vary per project, but this is a guideline on what you can expect. Contact us so we can customise a web design London quote that’s suited to your needs and preferences. You can also view our rates page for pricing.

Do you build custom web designs?

Yes, we do build custom web designs. There are nearly 2 billion websites on the internet so it’s essential that yours stands out from the rest. A custom web design will ensure that your clients visit your website and return for your products and services. This is because a custom web design is unique to your brand and offers you a bespoke web solution, tailored to give your target audience an unforgettable web experience.

Our web design London team will help you identify your goals so that you add custom features according to your needs. Once you have an idea of the type of website you want to create, Lilo’s web design London experts will start frameworking a template of what the site will look like and how it will function. You then have the freedom to make changes to fine-tune the end result. We’ll create a custom-made web design that aligns with your brand objectives and make recommendations on implementing a suitable, sustainable Content Management System (CMS) platform like Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento.

We generally use WordPress to build our custom websites because it’s an open-source platform that gives our clients the space and flexibility to customise and build a website to their exact requirements. WordPress is also easy to manage so our web design London clients can make changes and updates to their content efficiently. So once our web design London experts have designed and built your site, you can take control of it with ease and keep an eye on how well your content marketing strategy works.

How does your web design process work?

We believe that good design begins with a good user experience. If your users can easily navigate your website, they’re likely to come back again. That’s why all of our processes begin with identifying your business’s and your client’s needs so that we can create a seamless experience for both.

Our web design London team starts with identifying your goals, including your branding ones, so we can recommend which type of website will work best. Once your preferences have been set out, the Lilo web design London specialists begin their digital strategy by doing extensive research to ensure that your users and their needs are well-considered for the best possible user experience.

Throughout the design and web development process, we’ll be looking out for things like accessibility of the site, avoiding broken links, quick loading times and mobile responsiveness. We’ll also design with easy-to-use simplicity, and consistency using familiar design elements and clear information architecture. Good usability requires thorough research and testing to ensure it’s effortlessly relevant to your target audience.

With this in mind, our designers begin mocking up a wireframe of your website so you can get a clear idea of what the site will look like and how it will function. Once our clients are happy with the initial idea of the website, we will move to the next stage which centres around User Interface (UI) design. This is when the web design London team moves on to bring the wireframes to life by adding graphic detail so you can get an idea of how the website will feel.

The UI design stage concludes the design process and our web design London team hands over their designs for development. Our teams continue to bring the vision of your brand to life with a solid content strategy and online advertising strategy. When the development stage is complete, and your site goes live, it’s essential you do what you can to get it noticed by your customers and potential customers.

This is where our digital marketing and SEO services will boost your site. We can also set up a Google Ads plan for you so you can promote your website and advertise your products online and expect to see an increase in sales and brand visibility. Contact us for a no-obligation quote and our web design London experts will take you through a full breakdown of our web design and development process so you can rest assured that your digital business will see mountains of success.

What budgets do you work with?

We have over 20 years of experience working with a range of clients with varying budgets and needs. Generally, we work with budgets ranging from £5,000 to £100,000. Our team’s collective skills in building different types of websites for varying industries means that we can work with both small and large companies. From startups to established, global businesses, we can offer you a solution that works best. Whether it’s a simple brochure website to a more complicated e-commerce site with lots of products and moving parts, we try to accommodate a range of budgets as we understand that the cost of a website varies greatly depending on the technical aspects and the size of the product range.

Let’s have a chat to get an understanding of your functional requirements and business objectives and we’ll recommend the best solution for the development of your site. We’ll then offer a no-obligation quote for your e-commerce website.

How long does an average project take?

Depending on the type and scope of the project, our web design London specialists can take on average anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks to design the perfect website for you. This may sound like a long time, but there are a few factors that come into play when considering a web design project. For starters, the number of pages and integrations on each page can affect the timeframe. And then there are factors like brand design and content strategy that can take up a bit more time depending on what your needs are.

Get in touch with the Lilo web design London team today for a free quote and to chat about timelines and the best solution for your business.

Does web design/UX effect your SEO rankings??

Yes absolutely! Your web design can significantly influence your SEO and where you rank in Google. When thinking about web design, you also need to think about your overall online success. Having a fast website and making sure users have a great experience are key factors impacting your sites position in search engine results. Responsive layouts, easy-to-read content, and excellent visuals all play an important role as well. If you combine these with a top-notch design, it can boost your SEO by reducing bounce rates and increasing user engagement.

Do you offer maintenance or ongoing support?

Yes, we offer maintenance and ongoing support. This is because building a website is not usually a once-off event. Once the site is live, there are always tweaks and additions, and sometimes subtractions, that need to be made.

Website maintenance includes keeping an eye on traffic, running security checks so all your data and information is safe and updating content and imagery. You also want to make sure your website is always offering your users the best user experience and that everything is functioning as it should.

We offer a range of maintenance and support options that will help keep your site running smoothly which are necessary for your success. These include Google indexing, where we ensure that Google stores your website in its Search database, Google analytics and measurement, so you can see how well your website is performing month on month, and SEO and advertising strategies that will make your website and brand more visible. Contact our experts to speak about a maintenance solution that best suits you and your website’s needs.

What types of websites do you build?

Lilo is a full-service web design London agency that builds custom website designs. Our team has over 20 years of experience, giving them the expertise to build a wide range of websites. We specialise in building e-commerce websites for small and large companies in various industries. We also design and build corporate websites, blog websites, brochure websites, educational websites and personal websites.

Our website design team will guide you in choosing the type of website that’s best for your business’s needs and goals. This means we will also help you with choosing the right CMS and platform to build your website so it’s easier for you to manage once the site is live. We conduct extensive research before embarking on any web design and web development project to ensure that your clients’ needs are also taken care of.

Who uses a web design agency?

Anyone can benefit from the services a web design agency offers. Whether you’re in the travel industry, retail sales, packaging or technology, custom website design can help your customers find your business and in turn boost your sales. Hiring a professional web design agency will give your online presence the extra edge because their experience and expertise gives them a deep understanding of web design trends. They’ll also help you with identifying and setting goals which will set you up for success.

Web design agencies can offer you additional services. Lilo also specialises in SEO and Digital Marketing which go hand in hand with website design as they ensure that your custom website gets maximum visibility. And again, any business, no matter the size, from any industry can benefit from these services.

What makes a successful web project?

There are different ways to measure the success of your web project and they depend on what your goals are. It’s important to think about these before starting the project so you can define them and set up a measurement of success. Lilo’s website design team will guide you through these steps so you can see how much improvement your site and business have made and what areas need a little more focus.

As a web development agency, we can also offer you web analytics and reports that include metrics like organic traffic, bounce rate, conversions, keyword rankings and website speed to help you get a better understanding of what makes a successful web project.