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The Challenge

Osborne & Little are the leaders in luxurious wallpaper design. Their brand is recognised not only in the UK where they are principally based, but also all over the world. Their eCommerce structure had become cumbersome to use, both from a products management and a front end design perspective. Osborne & Little approached us, a Magento Agency based in London, to solve their Magento Development issues. They needed a robust platform that was scalable and could handle their collections that featured thousands of products. We recommended Magento eCommerce platform, which would easily handle the amount of products while still offering excellent performance to their customers. This has allowed the brand to increase both sales and visibility.

When we evaluated Osborne’s existing site, we found that the product management functions had become both slow to use and were a frustration for the staff.

The primary issues we identified were
  • Broken UX
  • Non responsive site
  • Slow loading speed
  • Broken Filtering systems
  • No functionality to order samples
  • Location maps inadequate
  • Non-Existent SEO

As a Magento Agency we proposed Magento as the best solution to answer Osborne & Little technical and design challenges. Based on the number of products, the company’s internal processes, the stature of their brand, we felt that Magento was best placed to answer their functional and creative requirements.

The Solution

As a Magento Agency, we approach each of our projects in a structured and agile way. Each of our clients is different, with unique brand positioning and specific needs. Osborne & Little needed a fair amount of consultancy in order to address the issues they were facing. As part of our Magento Agency processes we start with a consultation phase. We facilitated workshops with Osborne & Little key stakeholders from their marketing to their design and operation teams. Those sessions resulted in wireframes for both the front end and the back end of the site. We like to use Invision to generate and present our wireframes and designs. They enable us to click through the proposed structure, play with the user journeys and refine them until everyone is happy with the result. Those black and white wireframes, accompanied with specifications, are essentially the base of the project.

Osborne & Little‘s brand is recognised worldwide and used across all of their products and marketing. It was essential that the design captured the luxurious, unique and established essence of the brand. Lilo’s design process always starts with creative brief meetings between us and our clients. We have these meetings both at our offices as well as the clients. This allows our team to get to know both the brand and the client.

The first step is to create wireframes which help both us and the client to visualise the layout and journey of the website.

Once our team is confident they understand both the brand and the clients goals, we start designing concepts of the key pages based off of the wireframes. In Osborne’s case, the beautiful images take the center stage of the design. We introduced a large main banner and utilized the full width of the site to showcase their collections while adding a mega menu for easy navigation.

The final step of the design phase involved going through rounds of refinement with Osborne until the design was perfected and signed off.
The design was perfected and signed off.

The Result

We introduced new key functionality to the Magento site:
  • Ability to order fabric samples after viewing a collection
  • Customised product filter, with the ability to search by type, colour and more
  • Interactive map of worldwide stockists – with the ability to find a local stockist
  • French language version of the site
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom wishlists – saveable and shareable
  • SEO

Osborne & Little have a high volume of products and new collections coming out every quarter. A database of this size requires special care and attention to detail.

As a Magento agency, we approached the Magento development phase in stages:
  • Core Magento Setup
  • Design Implementation
  • Bespoke Development
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Data migration
  • Content Population
  • SEO Implementation
  • Testing
  • Hand Over

Our team of Magento developers set up a staging environment where everyone could work collaboratively on the project. This link was shared with Osborne once development and initial testing had been completed.

A website of this size that also contains various third-party integrations requires thorough testing from both sides.

As a Magento Agency, our unique approach of involving the client at this stage allows us to identify any issues and helps the client better understand their website.

We have worked with Osborne & Little for the last 10 years. In that time we have got to know them and the brand. As technology has evolved over the years, we have updated the site and added to it as the business grew. Hire a professional web design agency to create a sleek and modern website for my business.