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Content marketing is a type of digital marketing where we create shareable material that doesn’t explicitly promote your brand, but generates consumer interest in the products or services offered by your business.

This content includes blogs, videos, images, infographics and social media posts that lead consumers to your website.

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Content Marketing Service

“… generating interest in your products or services”

The Impact of Content Marketing in London

With the assistance of Lilo’s digital marketing services, you can create and market quality shareable content that improves your brand’s visibility and reputation. Content marketing helps your brand to thrive with these key benefits:

  • Increases the volume of traffic to your website
  • Promotes better brand recognition among consumers
  • Positions you as a credible industry leader
  • Provides value to online searchers, with no obligation to purchase
  • Allows you to communicate effectively with your audience, building lasting relationships

Content Marketing Leads to Link Building

This information is used to create content, which is shared using the consumers’ preferred platforms, to guide them to a purchasing decision.

Content marketing can also be used to build beneficial links. Link building is something of an art and a science combined. Simply put, it’s the process of getting other sites to link to pages on your website.

Content Marketing Service

“… impacts audience decision-making”

What is Link Building

Link building looks at the keywords and phrases your consumers are using when they search for something. This information can be used to identify sources related to those keywords, such as industry websites, forums and directories.

Once these sources are identified, marketers will reach out to these sources with the aim of getting a link. At our agency, we understand how content marketing and link building go hand-in-hand. We use both strategies to ensure that your business is being seen by the right consumers and industry players.

Boost Your Brand

Backlinks, also called inbound links, are hyperlinks to your website from another place on the Internet. These links show search engines that your website is popular, which means they’re extremely useful for ranking your site.

Search engines will classify a site with good quality links to credible websites as more valuable and relevant than those without. A link from a trusted site will also make human searchers more likely to trust your brand over that of your competition.

Content Marketing Service

“… lending credibility to your online brand”


Lilo London’s link building services will help you to gain links on other industry websites that point back to your site. These links act as digital referrals, or “popularity votes”, lending credibility to your online brand.

Our agency’s content marketing solutions help you to create fresh, relevant material that will capture your consumers’ attention and generate interest in your brand. Both of these techniques are part of a targeted web design strategy.


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With the dynamic nature of search and the fast-evolving needs and interests of consumers, your business can’t afford to get left behind.

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