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Increase in organic traffic
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Increase in direct traffic

The Challenge

TAG Fine Arts is a contemporary art dealer and publisher based on Upper Street, Islington. Since launching in 2006, TAG has represented emerging and established contemporary artists through a programme of exhibitions, commissions, major publishing projects, and collaborations with museums and non-commercial institutions.

Sector: Packaging & Logistics
Target Audience: B2C & B2B
Services: Web Design, eCommerce, WordPress, Branding
Technologies: Headless Magento, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: China / Global

TAG was facing a critical issue with their existing Magento website.

The site was in need of a redesign and upgrade as it was running on the outdated and unsupported Magento 1.9 eCommerce platform.

Additionally, there is a WordPress blog integrated into the website. To address this problem, our teams of designers and developers had meetings with TAG’s management at their gallery to thoroughly understand the business requirements and propose a suitable solution.

The Solution

We devised a comprehensive plan to address the website redesign and upgrade needed for TAG Fine Arts. TAG’s website was running on the outdated and unsupported Magento 1.9 eCommerce platform, along with a WordPress blog.

In our consultation with TAG’s management, we proposed a solution which involves upgrading the Magento site to the latest version of Magento 2 while retaining the WordPress blog.

Project Scope of Works

By upgrading the website to Magento 2, we have been seeing improved sales performance as the new Magento setup facilitates smoother transactions and enhance overall customer experience.

We also made a strategic decision to maintain the blog on WordPress. This is so we could keep greater flexibility, and make sure the site meets TAG’s specific requirements. With an open-source platform like WordPress, TAG Fine Arts has the freedom to customize and personalize the blog as needed.

To ensure easy management for TAG Fine Arts to upload new content, make changes to existing content, and remove outdated information, we implemented a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System).

By implementing this plan, we aimed to provide TAG Fine Arts with an upgraded Headless Magento website on the latest version, enhanced SEO capabilities, a well-maintained WordPress blog, and an easy-to-manage CMS. This approach optimises TAG’s online presence, streamline their operations, and meets their unique needs.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

TAG Fine Arts’s case study is a perfect example of how a website with an SEO-friendly set up improved the company’s return of investment as revenue and number of transactions increased. Upgrading the website to a Headless Magento 2 solution also had an impact on sales as the eCommerce setup could run more smoothly and customers could make their purchases more efficiently.

Maintaining the blog on WordPress was a strategic decision as the platform is open source, allowing for customisation and personalisation so the site could be tailored to the exact requirements of the client. It is also an easy-to-manage- CMS so TAG now has no issues with uploading new content, making changes to current content or removing old content.

Overall, the project is a success in terms of design and Headless Magento development, as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Choosing a reliable website design agency is crucial for creating a professional and effective online presence that meets your business needs. Our SEO and Digital Marketing teams worked closely with TAG to come up with a strategy that helps increase brand visibility as well as rankings and organic traffic.


Other Features

  • Custom stock functionality
  • The ability to create multiple wish-lists on one account
  • Automatic free shipping for UK residents, based on Geo-location functionality
  • Mailchimp integration to help grow their newsletter user base
  • Integration of WordPress blog