10 Great Tips to Promote Your Blog

We share ways to effectively promote your blog posts – take time in preparing and planning each post to build engagement and drive traffic.


Did you create a blog that you would like to promote, either for your personal business or your company?

Or have you had a blog for a while but you’re having difficulty attracting any new traffic and readership?

Follow the top ten tips below and you will see your blog traffic increase in the next few months.

1. Create an action plan every day

You should take the time to develop a plan for any blog you manage.

This plan will require constant attention and daily action. How big your goals are and how soon you want to reach them, will rely on the daily actions you write into your plan.

It is imperative that you have all of this information written out, and placed somewhere that can be easily accessed/seen each day.

Examples of daily actions to take can include sending out a unique email to one hundred people in your contact list each day or perhaps writing a unique blog post.

Whatever tasks you choose to do, you shouldn’t make them too difficult that you cannot attain them. You should also be sure that they actually grow your business.

2. Have a surplus of content


Before you launch your blog, take the time to build a large surplus of blogs and articles that you can fill it with. We suggest 20 to 30 articles, though if you have a new blog you can start with less.

Have these blogs really hit home on what your blog and site is all about, this will attract your target audience and show your level of expertise.

If you have trouble finding some quality blogs, you might choose to go on a website such as Fiverr or Task Rabbit and find a freelance copywriter who will write quality content for you at a good price.

3. Refuse to place ads on your blog

You might be thinking, “But, don’t I want to sell ad space on my blog to make money?” Well, yes and no.

Advertising revenue from a website or blog can be extremely worthwhile and valuable, but when you are first starting out, you will not make much money through ads.

Instead, spend your time focusing on building and attracting traffic to your site. Once you have a much larger audience you can re-evaluate the possibility of placing ads on your site.

But, remember sometimes ads turn off people, and your business may lose potential clients that you would make more money from than the actual ads in the long run.

4. The rule of 60 days

Web design plan

Challenge yourself to go sixty days without making any new changes to your website or blog. It will be difficult, as once you launch your blog you will be tempted to tweak it several times a week, or even daily.

Instead take all of that nervous energy and spend it on promoting it. Focus on branding yourself and gaining as much readership as possible.

The right design of your logo, or the right color scheme and layout of your sight will eventually come together. Your first focus should be on having a functional and popular site, instead of a good looking one.

5. Network, like crazy

Networking is the life blood of owning a business, especially a successful blog or online business. It’s all about working and interacting with people.

Take the time to Google and research the top blogs that are in your niche. Find out what they are all about. See who their audience is. Get to know their authors and introduce yourself through e-mails.

Build relationships with these people, they are your peers. If you want to be the best, you should learn and takes notes from the best. These people have paved the road ahead of you, take advantage of it.

6. Explore blogs and forums

One of the best ways to build an online presence is to leave comments on forums and blogs that are similar to yours. This is the perfect way for you to get inside information and to become a part of the conversation.

It is best to be truthful and present your true self while on these forums. If you over-spam your business or leave keywords instead of your actual name you are going to end up alienating yourself from the communities. Just genuinely participate and leave helpful and insightful comments.

7. Social media is your friend

Lilo Bookmark

You may think that social media is just a way to stay connected to your friends and family, and old school mates from years ago.

But in reality, social media sites are actually a vital tool in advertising your online business and connecting with your audience and prospective clients.

One thing to remember when setting up social media pages for your online blog is that not all social media sites are created equal. They all have uniqueness about them, and attract different types of audiences.

8. Build an email list

From the moment you launch your website or blog make sure you have a sign-up form to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list.

Email marketing is statistically three times more likely to generate business than social media sites. In fact according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for US businesses.

Furthermore, businesses and organizations that use email marketing to gather leads generate fifty percent more “sales-ready” leads, at a cost that is over thirty percent less.

Some may worry that with all the time involved with creating e-mail marketing campaigns, it may not be financially worth it. However statistics show that this is clearly not the case:

  • Small business owners estimate that getting an extra hour in their day back from doing their own email marketing (and other activities) is worth over $250.
  • For every single dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, the average return of investment is over forty-four dollars!

9. Always respond to your readers


Check your email and social channels regularly throughout the day. It might benefit you to set a schedule of when you check and respond each day.

Responding to emails from your customers or to comments made on your blog / social media channels should be a top priority of any business owner. It helps you build a relationship with your customers, and there are few things in the business world that are as important.

10. Republish other blogs content:

If there is another blog or website in your niche that you deeply admire, consider re-publishing it on your own site (while linking it back to theirs of course!).

This helps your own blog gain more viewers while networking and building relationships with similar businesses. Other sites will appreciate this, and will more than likely return the favour.

Some of these tips may seem pretty obvious or even simple, but, sometimes the most simple things work. Follow these blogging tips and your business will grow exponentially throughout 2016 and beyond.

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