10 Significant Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week – 21 April 2016

A quick look at the digital marketing stats from April 2016.

10 Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week – 21 April 2016

46% of American millennials say it’s important that people comment on their holiday snaps. Yes you read that correctly. This is all part of the role that social media plays in our lives.

This is just one of the interesting stats that Econsultancy rounded up from various sources. Digital Marketing covers all industries, so the report has something for just about everybody. Let’s look at a few more examples:


Social media’s reach on the travel industry extends even further if you look at the fact that 42% of millennials are influenced by others’ holiday photos when it comes to picking a holiday destination.

New Technology

Virtual Reality, the latest hot property in tech circles thanks to the Oculus Rift, was also mentioned as a study revealed that nearly 50% of millennials would like to use VR to explore new holiday destinations.

Digital Marketing Costs

  • 72.7% of marketers expect influencers to take part in brand campaigns for free in exchange for product or credit. And those who do pay shell out around £800 per post, and as much as £1000 per photo.
  • The UK’s digital ad spend grew 16.4% in 2015 to over £8.6bn (its biggest growth in seven years), with a massive growth in mobile ad spend growth, a 60.3% year-on-year increase.
  • Social Media ad spend on social media grew 45% to £1.25 billion, with over 71% of social media spend going on mobile.

Security Risks

  • There were more than 1 million web attacks every day in 2015, with 43% of those focused on small businesses.
  • The UK ranked as the most targeted nation for spear phishing attacks. Spear phishing mails appear to be from companies and individuals that you know.

The relevance of email marketing

  • We touched on the importance of email in our article on how to optimise your email campaigns for conversion, because email marketing provides the greatest return of investment of any digital marketing channel. 73% of company respondents rated their own email marketing efforts as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ when it comes to ROI. This is an increase of 66% over the 2015 numbers.
  • Not all email marketing works, as a study showed that most retailers use boring subject lines. 63% of retailer subject lines were labelled as generic, being very direct, urgent, and sounding very similar.

For more statistics, please see Econsultancy’s full article here.

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