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Accessing information on the World Wide Web

Choosing the right browser can make all the difference to your everyday web experience. With website technology constantly evolving, it’s important to not only have a browser that supports the latest trends, but also offers speed and security.


Google’s very own browser, which was first released in 2008 for Windows XP across desktop computers. Because of its popularity, the browser was later released across multiple platforms including Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux.

Chrome is renowned for its clean, easy-to-use interface and speed. With built-in phishing and malware protection, it also offers one of the most secure web experiences.

As of June 2019, Chrome was the most widely used browser across all platforms (desktop and mobile), with a 63.16% market share*.

Download Chrome

Chrome - Browser

Firefox - Browser


The third-most popular browser available today across all platforms. Firefox released back in 2002 and gained prominence for its speed, security and extensions (compared to Internet Explorer).

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Opera initially started as a research project way back in 1994. While not as popular as the other browsers listed here (2.53% market share across all platforms*), its user-base does praise its great performance (low on system resources, doesn’t drain your device’s battery as fast as other browsers might) and built-in features like an ad blocker and VPN.

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Opera - Browser

Safari - Web Browser


Apple’s own web browser that runs on all of their devices / operating systems (macOS and iOS).
Even with being limited to only Apple devices, Safari has still managed to achieve a 15.15% market share * due to the popularity of Apple’s products.

To update your Safari, please visit the App Store and check if there is an update to download.


Edge is the latest browser from Microsoft, and the successor to Internet Explorer. First released in 2015, remarkably it still has a smaller market share (2.14%) than Internet Explorer (2.29%)* – but combined it means that Microsoft lies third in total market share.

Microsoft claims that Edge is the fastest browser available today.

Download Microsoft Edge

*Market Share stats available here.

Microsoft Edge - Browser


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