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Tapestry Case Study

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Lilo was tasked to improve on and redevelop Tapestry’s existing WordPress website. The main objective was to improve user experience. The back end of the site was not optimised for Tapestry to manage their own content, the new intuitive set up means that Tapestry can now edit the site themselves.


The original Tapestry website was built with WordPress and Laravel, a PHP framework. Lilo recommended keeping Tapestry on the same WordPress platform, removing all unnecessary elements (including Laravel) in order to improve the site performance. As per Tapestry’s requirements, the original site design was kept, with some important additions such as a full footer with contact details.


The project was a success. As expected, our web development team’s recommendations to keep the standard WordPress admin interface, the content management functionality of the site is now fully optimised. This means that Tapestry’s site is always up-to-date with latest projects.

Tapestry Case Study

The Tapestry case study will explore the successful collaboration between Tapestry and Lilo. We aimed to transform their online presence by harnessing our expertise in web design, web development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Together, we sought to elevate their digital footprint and propel their business towards growth and success.

Our web design London team worked on the Tapestry case study to create the ideal solution and the proof is in the statistics. Here’s how Lilo helped Tapestry boost their business.

  • Goal completions rose by 72.25 percent.
  • Increase in users of 98.24%
  • An increase in organic search of 91.04%
  • An increase of 110.89% in direct traffic

Increase in goal completions

Increase in users

Improvement in organic search

Increase in direct traffic

The Challenge.

Tapestry is a Soho-based creative media production agency. They have worked alongside brands, agencies and other companies for over 40 years, expanding their services to offer services that other production agencies cannot. Instead of utilising multiple agencies, Tapestry’s specialist teams can meet all of your needs.

Tapestry, a company in need of a website makeover, sought the expertise of Lilo web design. The main objective was to enhance the user experience for visitors to their WordPress site. Unfortunately, their employees encountered difficulties when it came to adding or editing content due to the site’s flawed construction.

To address these issues, Lilo proposed a solution that involved migrating the website to a newer version of WordPress and removing the outdated Laravel PHP framework. The ultimate goal was to not only improve the site’s performance but also empower Tapestry’s staff to easily manage and update their content.

taspestry web development

The Solution

When we were approached to revamp the Tapestry website, we carefully considered the existing WordPress and Laravel setup. Our recommendation was to stick with WordPress as the platform of choice, as it provided numerous benefits for Tapestry’s needs. However, we identified areas where improvements could be made to enhance the website’s performance.

To achieve this, we suggested removing unnecessary elements, specifically the Laravel PHP framework, that were not essential for their specific requirements. By streamlining the website’s code and eliminating unnecessary components, we aimed to optimize its speed and efficiency, ultimately resulting in a better user experience.

Despite these changes, we understood the importance of preserving the original site design that Tapestry had invested in. Collaborating closely with the team, we made sure to retain the essence and visual identity of the website. Our focus was on making targeted additions that would complement the existing design while fulfilling their goals.

One significant enhancement we implemented was the addition of a comprehensive footer section. This dedicated area served as a valuable resource, prominently displaying contact details to facilitate easy communication between the client and their visitors.

By including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media links, we aimed to improve user engagement and make it effortless for users to get in touch with Tapestry.

Throughout the Tapestry case study, our main aim was to strike a harmonious balance between preserving the familiar aspects of the website and introducing necessary improvements. By leveraging the power of WordPress, optimizing performance, and incorporating functional enhancements, we strived to create a seamless user experience that aligned perfectly with the client’s vision and requirements.

tapestry website maintenance

The Result?

The Tapestry site went live and the business has been seeing growth and success since then. Organic search and direct traffic were both greatly improved, leading to more visitors on the site and a higher potential for conversions and sales.

Our teams worked to improve the user experience of the site, which led to users spending more time on it and being able to navigate the site better. With less frustrations, faster loading pages, and an easier user journey, customers are more likely to trust the business and support it.

The new website also enabled the staff to upload new content more efficiently and manage existing content without any hassles. This allowed them to showcase all of their latest projects and business updates.

The addition of the contact details in the footer, as recommended by Lilo’s web design London team, was a success in our Tapestry case study as the company saw a 72.25% increase in contact form completions. The increase in enquiries helped boost Tapestry’s core business.

“An extremely knowledgeable agency that work as part of your team and understand your brand, as well as being lovely to work with day in, day out.”

Neesha Sharma, DKB HOUSEHOLD

“My company has been using Lilo for over a decade now for major website, CRM, CMS, design and mailing campaign projects. Excellent work and all the staff so good and pleasant to deal with.”

Siobhan Benrejdal, ICMA