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ICMA Case Study

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In 2020, the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) website was in need of a complete redesign. While the site as a whole was an effective tool in supplying information and services to ICMA’s members and user-base, the design and user experience were outdated and in need of a revamp with special attention to mobile and responsive design.


The redesign of the website focused on improving key landing pages, revamping navigational elements to boost user experience and ensuring the site is 100% mobile responsive. As an SEO company, we focused on keyword optimisation to improve the search-friendliness of the ICMA website. Our main objective was to strengthen the online presence and facilitate effective crawling and indexing of the website’s content by search engines. Consequently, we made essential modifications to ensure better visibility and accessibility in search results.


The redesign resulted in a streamlined new site with improved user experience, a simple yet eye-catching unique design well-functioning site on all devices, especially mobile. We included an event registration portal, a platform for online education courses and a section for podcasts and webinars for users to have easy access to information.

ICMA Case Study

The ICMA case study will explore the successful collaboration between ICMA GROUP and Lilo. We aimed to transform ICMA online presence by harnessing our expertise in web design, web development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Together, we sought to elevate ICMA’s digital footprint and propel their business towards growth and success.

Our web design London team worked on the ICMA case study to create the ideal solution and the proof is in the statistics. Here’s how Lilo helped ICMA boost their business.

  • An increase of 465% users
  • An increase of 188.8% in goal conversions
  • A decrease in bounce rate of 59%
  • An increase in direct traffic of 350%

icma home page

Increase in organic traffic

Increase in goal conversions

Improvement in bounce rate

Increase in direct traffic

The Challenge.

For more than five decades, ICMA and its members have collaboratively worked towards advancing the growth of the international capital and securities markets. They have been at the forefront of establishing the rules, principles, and recommendations that form the basis for the successful operation of these markets.

In the pursuit of its goals, ICMA brings together members from various sectors of the wholesale and retail debt securities markets. This is achieved through regional and sector-specific committees comprised of industry professionals. ICMA’s focus extends to a wide range of market practices and regulatory issues that have an impact on all aspects of international market functioning.

With a particular emphasis on primary and secondary markets, repo and collateral activities, ICMA prioritizes three core areas within the fixed income market. Additionally, ICMA recognizes the significance of sustainable finance and FinTech as cross-cutting themes in its initiatives.

In 2020, it became evident that the ICMA website was due for a complete makeover. Although the website served its purpose in delivering information and services to its user base, the overall design and user experience were in need of a significant revamp. Particularly when accessed on mobile devices, the website failed to showcase its content optimally, leading to a less-than-ideal user experience.

Recognizing the importance of a modern and user-friendly website, ICMA embarked on a project to redesign and redevelop their online platform.

ICMA capital markets

The Solution

Recognising the importance of a modern and user-friendly website, ICMA embarked on a project to redesign and redevelop their online platform. They collaborated with the talented Lilo Web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team to ensure that the website not only received a fresh and appealing new look but also attracted more direct traffic.

To achieve this, a comprehensive strategy was put into place, starting with in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and impactful search terms. By incorporating these keywords, the website would rank higher in search engine results, making it more visible to potential visitors.

In addition to keyword optimization, the ICMA website underwent necessary modifications to make it more search-friendly overall. The aim was to enhance its online presence and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the website’s content effectively.

The redesign and redevelopment project had a twofold purpose: to improve the visual appeal and user experience of the ICMA website and to bolster its online visibility. By implementing these strategies, ICMA aimed to attract a larger audience and ensure that users could effortlessly navigate the website, regardless of the device they used to access it.

ICMA case study

The Result?

The new ICMA website saw great improvement once it was launched. The Lilo Web Design and Search Marketing team began working on making the hard work of the web design and web development teams visible. They implemented a strategy that led to an increase in direct traffic and number of users.

Part of the strategy included keyword research and optimising the website so that it is more search-friendly. These are the techniques that we use to guarantee a better position on search engine results pages (SERPs) so your customers can easily find your business.

The ICMA case study also proved that a better user experience was needed as once these elements were improved, the website’s bounce rate decreased, meaning users were spending more time on the site and completing actions before leaving. There was also an increase in goal conversions thanks to the user journey being more focused and easy to follow.