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Chemistry Club is an innovative online learning platform for 11–14-year-olds that sparks and nurtures an interest in chemistry through independent learning.

The Salters’ Institute, a registered charity based in London, creates innovative programming to promote chemistry and related sciences. They approached us to build an online learning management platform for learners.

The platform provides fun interactive activities to promote chemistry and build on what they have learned in school.

Activities include videos, infographics, fill-in-the-blanks, guess-the-element, word searches, and quizzes.

Sector: Education
Target Audience: Learners & Teachers
Website Objectives: Web-based online chemistry activities to augment what is learned in schools.
Technologies: ASP.Net Framework 4, NHibernate, SQL Server, HTML/CSS, jQuery
Location: UK / Ireland

Learners can log in, view and complete activities, earn trophies for their accomplishments, and see how their school ranks against other schools on the platform.

Teachers can log in and manage the students in their school, view aggregated statistics and work through the content and activities themselves.

The Solution

Asp.Net Web Forms, with a SQL Server RDMS, and NHibernate ORM were proposed as the underlying technology due to the rapid development and turn-around time required to deliver the project. Project Scope of Works

Web Forms also provides a mature and stable web application framework with state management.

Windows services were written to perform scheduled tasks to send reminders, award trophies and aggregate data at regular intervals, rather than in real-time, to decrease server load during school hours, and reduce hardware requirements. Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

Since the launch, hundreds of schools have been added and more are continually joining, and learners have consistently returned to complete the new activity which becomes available daily. The popularity has resulted in the site been enhanced and expanded several times since the initial launch.