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A Dedicated Widebody Aircraft Lessor
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Site Maintenance


Amedeo is a dedicated widebody aircraft lessor with a portfolio of actively managed aircraft.

Amedeo enjoys strong relationships with airlines and OEMs, and also benefits from a unique and exclusive relationship with Airbus. They have more than 80 years of combined experience in aircraft leasing.

Lilo was approached to update their existing WordPress website by updating their look, give the site a more dynamic feel – all to improve the overall user experience.

What We Did

Lilo worked with Amedeo to finalise a new design, and update their current theme.

Changes included:

  • A scroll feature allows users to navigate between entire page sections with just a small scroll movement. This ensures related content can be seen together on one screen, giving users all relevant content.
  • High definition videos were placed as headers on core pages to create a more dynamic experience
  • Unneccessary content was removed to create a more streamlined experience, allowing their users to easily find relevant content

Other Implemented Features

  • SEO-friendly elements
  • Responsive design



Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Site Maintenance


WordPress, PHP, CSS, jQuery / JavaScript, Responsive / Mobile-friendly