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Lilo, a comprehensive Magento development agency, boasts Magento specialists with over 12 years in the field. Our dynamic Search Marketing team includes SEO strategists, SEO technicians, copywriters, web designers and developers.

Mastering Magento SEO, our experts stay ahead in the field, keeping you at the forefront of developments. Whether you’re a small niche business or an international eCommerce giant, we deliver tailored SEO solutions for your specific goals.

Magento stands out as one of the market’s most popular and reliable Content Management Systems (CMS).

Since 2004, Lilo has been a dedicated eCommerce-focused SEO agency. We specialise in Magento SEO services and search engine marketing. With a track record of successful Magento search engine optimisation campaigns, we’re ready to boost traffic, sales, and revenue for your Magento online store.

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At Lilo, our SEO team crafts winning campaigns for any website platform. Our focus on eCommerce sets us apart, boasting in-house Magento developers and marketers.

Collaborate with us for Magento SEO, which leverages our expertise for strategic execution and consulting.

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Unlock growth with Magento, an adaptable, robust, open-source eCommerce solution. Trusted by businesses globally, Magento powers around 7% of all eCommerce sites, from startups to large enterprises. Partner with us for Magento development and propel your business forward.

Enhance your Magento store’s visibility and drive sustainable sales growth with our tailored SEO services.

At Lilo, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our proven Magento marketing strategies are customised for each SEO campaign. Our expert consultants guide online store owners through a comprehensive Magento SEO plan. This helps and ensures that you are informed and involved in all the efforts to boost your eCommerce store’s visibility.


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What is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO services cater to websites using the Magento platform. While broad SEO strategies work universally, executing advanced tactics may demand coding or Magento-specific expertise. For optimal search engine visibility on your Magento store, partner with an experienced SEO company with in-house Magento developers.

Is Magento CMS platform good for SEO?

Yes, Magento CMS is considered suitable for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It provides a solid foundation for implementing SEO best practices and offers features that can contribute to a search-friendly website. However, the effectiveness of SEO also depends on how the Magento platform is configured, customised, and utilised for your specific website. It’s essential to implement proper SEO techniques, optimise content, use SEO-friendly URLs, and regularly update the platform and extensions for the best results.

What is the best Magento SEO extension?

Magento provides a range of beneficial SEO extensions. SEO extension we use include MageWorx for SEO improvement. Magento extension Wyomind is used to streamlined Google Shopping, and Bronto is used for email marketing support.

Speak to one of Lilo’s Magento SEO experts can guide you in selecting the best extension tailored to your unique site.