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Nature’s Own. Producers of Creamed Liqueur Products – Lilo

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Nature’s Own Liqueur (Pty) Ltd was established in November 2005. The company initially produced mozzarella and butter products but later expanded their production services to become specialist producers and distributors of Creamed Liqueur Products.

The client asked Lilo to design and develop a website that would promote the Nature’s Own new “fabulous five range” of cream Liqueur products. Each Cream Liqueur was given a unique identity and a specific personality and animal was ascribed to each liqueur, showcasing its unique flavour and qualities to the public.

What We Did

The website serves as promotional platform for these five cream liqueur products, launching them into the consumer market. Lilo designed and developed a unique flash-based introduction for the website, reminiscent of an African Sunset. The entire site pays homage to the product range’s African roots and warm African colours were used throughout the site.

Wholesalers are able to login to a VIP section and Users can submit, download and review cocktail recipes. The site also contains an article and news section, keeping users up to date with the company’s latest market exploits and promotions.


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