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Food Advisr. Nutritional Info App for Consumers – Lilo

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FoodAdvisr is a new app for consumers which scans food barcodes for their nutritional information. This provides users with a set of personalised recommendations that they can trust, based on their needs and preferences.

Users can add relevant information to their FoodAdvisr profile, like their nutritional requirements, food allergies, intolerances and dislikes. Based on these requirements, the FoodAdvisr app then instantly provides the user with personalised traffic-light recommendations.

FoodAdvisr. developed by Advisr Technologies, also detects whether a user is connected to the internet, which means that the app is always available – even offline. FoodAdvisr makes it easy for shoppers to make quicker, informed choices about the food they buy.

What We Did

FoodAdvisr uses a customised WordPress website that is also fully mobile-friendly. Not only does it present all relevant information on the app itself in a sophisticated layout, it also invites the community to suggest which food providers or groceries should be added to the FoodAdvsr database.




Website Design, Web Development, WordPress


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