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Web Design, Web Development, WordPress


Create Intelligence was founded in 2011 with the aim of delivering a cost-effective solution to the large amount of data that analysts face in today’s environment. Create Intel’s lead product, Chorus Intelligence, is the most advanced cost effective operational intelligence and analytical solution in the world.

To showcase their software products, Create Intel was looking for a new company website that would carry over their existing flavour and design on their previous site, but incorporate active graphics in order to engage and catch users’ attention.

Create Intel asked Lilo to craft a website to engage their users, and enable them to understand the company and its area of expertise.

What We Did

Create Intel requested that their site content be easily accessible and editable by their own team, which is why Lilo proposed WordPress as the ideal platform to build the new site on.

A “Request a Demo” was incorporated to enable users to post a contact request.

Lilo created a closed “Client Area” portal with a link to a forum, and an area where users can read and download datasheets / software.

The website was made fully responsive / mobile-friendly to all possible devices.




Web Design, Web Development, WordPress


WordPress, PHP, CSS, Responsive / Mobile-friendly