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Bacon’s College. Secondary School & Sixth Form College – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS, Branding


Bacon’s College is a London-based secondary school and sixth form college.

Lilo was asked to develop a comprehensive CMS for the Bacon’s College Website. Usablity was a key factor and staff of the Bacon’s College had to be given complete controll ofver the entire CMS of their website.

During the development of this CMS website, Lilo benchmarked various content management systems, exploring the best possible way of presenting editable content online through a CMS.

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The administrator of this CMS is able to manage the content, assets, and templates of the entire website. The administrator can also define users-groups and ascribe user permissions. The CMS contains a variety of pre-developed page templates, themes and assets.

The Bacon’s College CMS exhibits high-end functionality and design in a usable and accessible format. Staff members can upload pages, content, images, news articles, calendars and a variety of other assets and features. The Bacon’s College staff members can organise and manage their entire site structure through the “Manage my site” tool.




Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS, Branding


ASP.Net with C#, SQL Server, HTML / CSS, Flash