Magento Performance Optimisations

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How can we help you optimise your Magento website?

Performace optimisations for Magento can be difficult to understand without the right expertise. Through trial and error over the years, our team of experts have developed a processes for optimising Magento.

Our process for doing magento performance optimisations starts with:

  • Frontend and Hosting Audit:
    We initiate a comprehensive audit of your site’s frontend and hosting infrastructure in order to pin point the issues.
  • Core Web Vitals Assessment:
    Core Web Vitals has become very important to your Google rankings in recent years. Our team evaluates your website’s Core Web Vitals and identifies which areas need to be improved.
  • Recommendations:
    Once our team has identified the issues, they will get to work resolving them.

Performance Optimized Hosting:

Magento demands the right type of hosting. We always recommend hosting providers with specialized knowledge of Magento-specific requirements. This includes high-speed NVME storage and a meticulously configured web server with Varnish for optimal performance.

Magento CDN:

We seamlessly integrate Fastly with Magento, achieving consistent performance increases of over 200% for our clients. This not only enhances Core Web Vitals but also elevates Google ranking and boosts conversion rates.

On-Site Performance Optimizations:

Our team identifies specific pages and sections of code that may be hindering your site’s speed. Recommendations encompass code rewriting, addressing improper use of Magento’s object manager, optimizing images, and implementing lazy loading — all focused on achieving optimal performance.

Unlock Your Magento’s Full Potential:

With our expertise and proven performance optimization strategies, we can help you unlock the full potential of your Magento e-commerce website. Equipped with the right tools and years of experience, our team ensures your site is delivered and maintained with  enhanced speed, responsiveness, and an overall improved user experience. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your Magento site.