The Challenge

Illumino Partnership is a groundbreaking start-up, founded by Nick Sparey and based on his years of experience and deep knowledge of Marketing Procurement.
The brief was to create a professional and unique Logo and Brand guidelines, ultimately translating Illumino Partnership’s identity into striking brand assets.
For the website, the agreed goals were to keep the website’s design simple, visually appealing, and interactive. The website serves as a tool to sell Illumino Partnership’s experience and knowledge to prospective clients.

For the UX, we worked on a ‘the fewer clicks the better’ approach. Our creative team used GPA and our own Lilo website as a benchmark to keep users interested and engage them when they land on the site.
The navigation includes About Us, Services, Case Studies, News and Articles, and Contact Us on launch, with the option of adding at least Partners shortly and leaving a little room for expansion.

The site needed to be easy to maintain with minimal training and contain enough template components to deliver a compelling and engaging experience based on the content managed by the administrator.

The site was to be optimised for both mobile (mobile first) and desktop use, combined with a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly structure (to both the administrator and the search engine).

The Solution

The website we delivered is based on WordPress. A unique theme and set of content templates were developed based on discussions between the Lilo creative team and the Ilumino Partnership. These were developed into a prototype ‘click-through’ so the user experience and user interface could be ‘walked through’ before the site was coded. This working ‘model’ was then signed off as the template for the new site to be developed.

The website also required a number of functional plugins, including SEO rating modules, and registration forms.

This project is a mainly creative project, with an emphasis on creating a powerful brand identity and supporting the website in creating a big impact visually. Identifying iconic imagery was a big part of the creative process.

The Result

The result was delivered within a few weeks, this was achievable thanks to the working chemistry between our teams and Illumino Partnership. We were able to deliver a high quality design and UX, supported by a scalable and easy to manage WordPress system, ready to support all the marketing and brand positioning needs of Illumino Partnership. We are all very proud of the result, a unique brand and website, true to Illumino Partnership’s identity.