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The Challenge

The Sisters of Sion are a Catholic organisation of about 230 religious women. They live in small communities in 22 countries around the world. Their average age is around 70. Much of what they do is about being committed as religious women: praying, studying and teaching the Bible using both Christian and Jewish sources.

Sector: NGO
Website Objectives: Give visibility to the Sisters of Sion and their guiding principles, and generate reflection, action and relevant enquires.
Technologies: WordPress, WPML, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: Global

They are also involved in building peace through interreligious dialogue; social justice work; social and environmental advocacy.

The Sisters of Sion approached us for the brand refresh, re-design and development of their website.

The brief was for the new website to be manageable and updatable (news, statements, course programmes, stories, etc) by a non-technical person in autonomy.
One of the main requirements was for the site to have four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

WordPress was requested for the development of the site, to ensure easy management of the site content.

Other requirements included:

  • Clickable core values
  • History timeline (with expand-collapse text and images)
  • Interactive map
  • Theme-based stories database, with links to particular stories from other pages
  • Schools in the NDS network
  • Publications page (bibliography style)
  • Study centre programme page (Formatting elements: date, time, time zone, location, language, course title, course leader, course mode, description, contact details for further information)

Website core strategy statement
“To catalyze an effort towards effecting global change in small steps, the NDS website will connect Christians and people of other faiths everywhere to the Congregation’s inspiration, guiding principles and action, and provide a springboard for further exploration, reflection and response.”

The Solution

As per the specific functional requirements, we delivered a website based on WordPress.

The first phase of the project was twofold: the UX and the creative. A unique theme and set of content templates were developed based on discussions between the Lilo creative team and the Notre Dame De Sion website and marketing lead.

These were developed into prototype ‘click-through’ wireframes so the user experience could be ‘walked through’ and tested before the site was coded.

Project Scope of Works

Once the wireframes were signed off, our designers injected the Sisters’ colours and imagery and applied their talent and magic.

Once the designs were signed off, our development teams set up WordPress with all necessary plug-ins and bespoke functionality and implemented the unique designs which had been created.

This project is mainly a UX and creative project, with an emphasis on creating a journey which inspires the site users, easily taking them through resources and information. The site is available in four languages, with the support of WPML.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

The result is an inspiring website, easy to navigate and engage with and accessible in four languages. We delivered a high-quality design and UX, supported by a scalable and easy-to-manage WordPress system, thanks to the close relationship with Notre Dame de Sion. We are very proud of the new website, and look forward to seeing it involved in the next few years.