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Increase in organic traffic
An increase of goal conversions
Increase in direct traffic

The Challenge

Wilby Jones exists to provide financial support for innovative businesses, making their clients’ ideas go further. This is achieved through a new relationship based on unique user experience (UX) and design, complemented by a comprehensive WordPress solution. This case study explores the strategic efforts undertaken to enhance Wilby Jones’ digital footprint, drive lead generation, and improve client engagement.

Established in 2019, Wilby Jones stands as a leading tax and funding consultancy in the UK. They have assisted hundreds of clients, from startups to established public companies, in claiming government tax incentives and accessing grant programs. Over time, Wilby Jones has gained a reputation as a trusted innovation partner. Their suite of R&D services has expanded to include tax credits, grant funding, patent box, and management accounting, enabling them to meet the needs of clients at all stages of their business journey from inception to exit.

Despite their success, Wilby Jones faced several challenges:

  • Branding: The company needed consistent and focused branding.
  • UX: Improving the user journey on the site was critical for business lead generation.
  • Design: A unique and bespoke design was necessary to best reflect Wilby Jones’ offerings.
  • Development: A responsive, modern, and interactive website was needed.
  • SEO: Appropriate keywords and research were required to leverage AdWords into organic SEO.
  • Hosting: A need for fast, secure, rotating backups, and localized hosting.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing site support and maintenance were essential.
Sector: Software/Technology
Target Audience: Start Ups and established companies
Services: Tax and funding consultancy
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery
Location: United Kingdom

The Solution

After analysing competitor websites and applying for our own R&D grants, we felt confident in our understanding of the opportunity. We focused on the following key areas:

The branding needed consistency and a singular logo version. The existing logo required only simple tweaks.

User-Centric and Lead Gen Focused Site Design
The site design aimed to be user-centric and focused on lead generation, guiding users to the appropriate sections with minimal clicks. Emphasis was placed on clear, simple, and uncluttered messaging to build customer confidence.

Project Scope of Works

  • WordPress Development
  • Custom Design
  • UX
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Throughout the build process, constant touchpoints were provided to showcase the site. Upon final approval, the site was deployed.

Site Mapping and Wireframing
Initial consultation involved specifications, site mapping, and wireframing. These processes coordinated findings and UX design skills with business objectives. An iterative feedback and revision approach led to a final wireframe, prioritizing relevant content and messaging.

Custom Design and Development
A unique and compelling design was created with the customer user journey as the main driver. The design was converted into a custom WordPress site, avoiding themes to prevent code bloat and speed issues. The site was coded to be responsive, functioning seamlessly on mobiles and tablets, adhering to Google/Bing preferences.

Constant Touchpoints
Throughout the build process, constant touchpoints were provided to showcase the site. Upon final approval, the site was deployed.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

The result is a striking and modern design implemented on a scalable WordPress backend. This transformation allows Wilby Jones’ marketing team to operate independently regarding SEO and site updates. The new website enhances the company’s ability to engage clients, generate leads, and maintain a strong digital presence, ensuring long-term business growth and success.