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Increase in organic traffic
An increase of goal conversions
Increase in direct traffic

The Challenge

Uniware offers point-of-sale payment software solution that guarantees fast and precise transactions, seamless integrations while being adaptable to their client’s specific requirements. Uniware’s website was outdated, and they approached us for a complete rethink of their UX, design and website position.

The challenge, which we gladly accepted, was to drive new business enquiries (B2B) by focusing on organic growth and using content to drive more traffic to the site in order to increase enquiries to their new business sales team. The real challenge was to keep the site simple with enough information for site users to trust that Uniware have what they require and with easy ways to contact.

Sector: Software/Technology
Target Audience: Catering establishments that need to analyse point of sale data – Multi-site
Services: Point of sale/ Mobile Solution/ Operational Management
Technologies: WordPress, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: United Kingdom

The Solution

The project was based around a full rethink of the current’s site performance, in terms of UX and SEO. As with all of our projects, we started with a full review and specifications phase. Project Scope of Works

  • WordPress Development
  • Custom Design
  • UX
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This meant various and regular meetings with the Uniware marketing team, to fully understand their offering, target audience and goals.

It also meant a lot of time and attention analysing Uniware’s competition, to make sure that the new site would be based on an innovative structure.

Based on both the UX and functional requirements, we decided on a WordPress solution, with a unique design of course. WordPress is perfect for this type of project, as it enables full control over the site content and SEO, a must and a dream for any marketing team.

WordPress also delivers fast performing websites, always a good thing with your users and Google itself.

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

The result is an innovative, sleek and professional UX and design, implemented on top of a highly performing WordPress platform.

The site was launched recently and the benefits can already be seen through higher number of site visits and enquiries.

As proven time and time again, the secret of a positive result when it comes to website design and development is synergy between our client and our teams. It is all about collaboration and understanding each other.

Uniware, thanks to their outstanding marketing team, have an impressive knowledge of their client’s needs and behaviours, combined with our expertise in UX, design and development, we were able to create an impressive design and ultimately a strong marketing tool.

Other Features

  • CMS
  • SSL
  • CTA phone / email / support logging forms / new enquiry form / Prospect newsletter sign up/ link to Sales force
    video content / podcast content
  • Tracking / reporting – GA4 set up
  • Integration of WordPress blog
  • Cookie permissions
  • Gated information