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Pivoltl Data Solutions Provider Store Case Study

Web development/ UX / WordPress

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Lilo reviewed the designs provided and made recommendations on the UX, to ensure that the visual solution was fully supported by the functionality of the site. Lilo’s teams recommended a WordPress solution, giving Pivotl full control over the management of the site post-launch, as well as providing a scalable SEO strategy and solution.


Lilo reviewed the designs provided and made recommendations on the UX, to ensure that the visual solution was fully supported by the functionality of the site. Lilo’s teams recommended a WordPress solution, giving Pivotl full control over the management of the site post-launch, as well as providing a scalable SEO strategy and solution.


Pivotl is now the owner of a visually stunning website, showcasing the company’s expertise in the field. The site is easy to manage by Pivotl’s team, ensuring the content is constantly updated, from the blog to the services pages. All the elements- UX, design, site performance and optimisation- have provided Pivotl with an edge over its competitors.

Pivoltl Case Study

This case study will explore the successful collaboration between Pivoltl and Lilo. We aimed to transform Pivoltl online presence by harnessing our expertise in web design, web development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Together, we sought to elevate Pivoltl’s digital footprint and propel their business towards growth and success.

Our web design and SEO team worked on this case study to create the ideal solution and the proof is in the statistics. Here’s how Lilo helped Pivoltl boost their business.

  • Users increased by 128.3%.
  • An increase in organic search of 89.88%
  • 41% increase in revenue
  • An increase in social media users of 65.4%


Increase in users

Increase in organic search

Increase in revenue

Increase in social media users

The Challenge.

Pivotl collaborates with clients to provide data solutions designed for the AI era, delivering them promptly, at a large scale, and adhering to the highest industry standards.

Clients can achieve success by leveraging data to enhance decision-making capabilities, streamline processes through automation, and effectively harness emerging technologies.

The team at Pivotl consists of highly experienced experts in cloud computing, software development, and data analysis. Their extensive knowledge and proficiency ensure that clients can confidently seize opportunities driven by data.

The challenge at hand is to develop a new website for Pivotl that not only has a visually appealing and on-brand design but also seamless and intuitive functionality. The ultimate goal is to successfully launch Pivotl as a prominent player in the competitive cloud and data engineering sector. Additionally, the website must meet the technical requirement of being easy to update and scalable, ensuring long-term viability.

Requirement Gathering: Engage in extensive discussions with Pivotl to gain a deep understanding of their vision, target audience, and specific website requirements. Identify key design elements, features, and functionalities that will effectively position Pivotl as a bold new entrant in the industry. Determine the technical specifications needed to achieve an easily updatable and scalable website.

Design and User Experience: Collaborate closely with Pivotl to create a visually stunning and on-brand design that captures the essence of their business. Focus on crafting a user experience that is seamless, intuitive, and engaging, ensuring visitors can effortlessly navigate the website. Incorporate visually appealing elements and modern design trends to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Development: Utilize WordPress as the content management system to provide Pivotl with a user-friendly interface for updating and managing website content. Implement responsive web design techniques to guarantee optimal functionality and visual consistency across various devices. Develop a robust architecture that allows for scalability, enabling the website to accommodate future growth and evolving business needs.

Content Integration: Working closely with Pivotl to gather and integrate captivating, informative, and persuasive content that effectively communicates their unique value proposition to the target audience.Ensure seamless integration of content with the website design, creating a cohesive and compelling user experience.

By successfully overcoming these challenges and executing a comprehensive web development strategy, we will enable Pivotl to establish a strong online presence and position themselves as an innovative force in the cloud and data engineering sector.



The Solution

Shapero acknowledged that the current WordPress platform needed to be improved for their growing business needs. To address this issue, they decided to redesign their website and migrate it to the Magento platform.

The website underwent a complete transformation, focusing on creating a visually appealing design that would provide users with an enjoyable and immersive browsing experience. Shapero carefully evaluated the website’s layout, navigation, and overall aesthetics to ensure it effectively showcased its diverse range of products.

One of Lilo’s primary goals for the Shapero website was to increase the website’s speed and performance. We did this by using Magento features. We implemented these features and were able to tackle issues like slow page loading times and usability concerns.

We also took several steps to improve the website’s performance. This included optimizing the underlying infrastructure, implementing advanced caching techniques, and optimizing code and media assets. These efforts paid off, resulting in a much more responsive and faster website. Visitors now enjoy a seamless browsing experience when interacting with our site.

shapero Magento CMS upgrade

The Result?

Pivotl now has an absolutely stunning website that truly showcases their expertise in the field. When visitors land on the site, they’ll be blown away by its captivating design and engaging visuals.

The best part is that Pivotl’s team can easily manage the website themselves. They have full control over updating and maintaining the content, whether it’s the informative blog posts or the detailed services pages. Keeping the website fresh and up to date is a breeze, allowing Pivotl to connect with their audience effectively.

But that’s not all. Our focus on optimizing the user experience (UX), design, site performance, and search engine visibility has given Pivotl a competitive edge. The website not only looks great, but it also performs like a champ. Visitors will enjoy a smooth and seamless browsing experience, and search engines will love the site’s optimization efforts.

In a nutshell, we’ve delivered a visually stunning website that perfectly showcases Pivotl’s expertise. The team can easily manage and update the content, ensuring the site remains relevant and engaging. With our optimization strategies, Pivotl has a clear advantage over their competitors, making them a top player in the cloud and data engineering sector. Well done to everyone involved!

“An extremely knowledgeable agency that work as part of your team and understand your brand, as well as being lovely to work with day in, day out.”

Neesha Sharma, DKB HOUSEHOLD

“My company has been using Lilo for over a decade now for major website, CRM, CMS, design and mailing campaign projects. Excellent work and all the staff so good and pleasant to deal with.”

Siobhan Benrejdal, ICMA