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Wellcome Trust. Funding Human and Animal Health Research – Lilo

Web Development, Bespoke CMS, Flash


The Wellcome Trust is an independent charity who funds research projects that aim to improve human and animal health. They are currently the largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research in the UK.

What We Did

The Lilo London based Web Design agency was briefed on developing a microsite, showcasing Wellcome Trust’s weekly online publications. The client provided us with the current design, images and information for this online publication platform.

We developed a CMS microsite that exhibits comprehensive online article management capabilities. The CMS allows for the adding and editing of online articles, as well as multiple site administrators.

Additional work included designing a flash-based timeline for their main website, showcasing the History of the Wellcome Trust since its establishment in 1936.

The timeline indicates various Historical Events, Profiling Trust Achievements and Major Achievement Case Studies. The proposed timeline would be implemented on the website, functioning as a dynamic porthole to historic events and achievements in the Biomedical field.


Charity / Non-Profit


Web Design, Web Development, Branding


ASP.Net with C#, SQL Server, HTML / CSS, Flash