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Sequoia Investment. Asset & Infrastructure Management – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Bespoke CMS


Sequoia Investment Management Company is an asset management company based in London. The client asked Lilo to develop a comprehensive branding strategy for them. This entailed designing a new website, logo, letterhead and business card.

Sequoia wanted Lilo to design a logo and website that would communicate strength and solidity. Like the Sequoia tree itself, the client wanted their corporate brand-identity to portray longevity, strength and expertise.

What We Did

Sequoia trees include some of the tallest species on earth and exemplify strength and security in nature. The name of the company played an important role during the creative brainstorming process and the final branding concept was based on the unique attributes of the tree and the company itself.

Lilo designed a unique and striking logo for the client. The logo is very effective and elevates the rest of the visual design. The website itself was designed to make users feel safe, encouraging them to navigate around the site.

The end-result was a complete branding package that communicates solidity and strength. Lilo designed and developed a brand-appropriate website from where clients can register with Sequoia or simply read through the corporate objectives, benefits and services.


PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript

Creative Direction, Branding, Web Design, Website Development




Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Bespoke CMS


PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript