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School Disco

Production, Web Development, Creative Direction, Email Distribution

A new party location at Cafe de Paris

About the client

Lilo have worked on Emarketing projects for School Disco in the past and this time the client requested an Emarketing campaign to advertise an upcoming School Disco event taking place at the Café de Paris in Leicester Square.

About the project

Lilo incorporated the unique look and feel of the School Disco brand into the design of this emailing campaign. We sent out between 50 000 and 100 000 emails to School Disco subscribers through a mass mailing system. The contacts on our emailing list were an amalgamation of School Disco’s online subscribers and customers who make use of the online store and show an interest in upcoming product news and events.

The School Disco emails are simple but to the point, giving user the choice to unsubscribe or go to the live website to read more.



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