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Sainsbury’s. Leading UK Supermarket Chain – Lilo

Creative Direction, Production


Lilo and Mainet have collaborated on numerous projects. This time the project entailed coming up with an effective branding strategy for a new self-service checkout counter launched by Sainsbury.

Mainet approached Sainsbury and proposed a brand management strategy for their new, improved customer self-service initiative. Lilo was asked to head-up the creative side of this branding strategy by designing the actual signage that would go on these checkout counters. The design had to emphasise convenience and secure shopping in true Sainsbury style.

What We Did

The Sainsbury self-service checkout counters aim to revolutionise the ordinary person’s daily shopping experience and thus, our designs had a to communicate two things:

  • The reputability of Sainsbury as a trusted, familiar house-hold brand
  • An innovative, unfamiliar checkout system.

The design had to encourage customers to use it. It had to make something unfamiliar appear familiar and non-threatening.

The colour pallet for this signage project consisted of various citrus tones. The objective was to encourage customers to familiarise themselves with an unfamiliar self-service feature.




Creative Direction, Production