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Figaro Digital. Focus on Developments in Digital Marketing – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS, Creative Direction


The purpose of the Figaro website is to present customers with an online catalogue, enabling them to view a wide range of digital company profiles and client case studies. The client also wanted an overhaul of their existing brand and logo, as well as a fully functional and visually effective website. Figaro Digital approached Lilo for the design and development of their website.

The website would be content-heavy and had to handle large volumes of online traffic. This website enables companies to upload their profile and company information onto the site.

What We Did

Lilo developed a website with a bespoke content management system (CMS), giving the administrator the ability to add and edit suppliers, case studies and categories. The administrator also has full control over the data that is necessary for the online display of portfolios.

The unique Ecommerce functionalities enable the client to manage invoices and receive subscription fees.

A unique feature of this web development solution is the CMS subset which gives the supplier access to his / her own information. The content of the website is formatted and controlled through the WYSIWYG content editor.

Our web design team also decided to make slight yet significant modifications to the existing Figaro logo, setting the tone for rest of the site’s design and development. We revisited the existing colour pallet and decided to apply a fresh colour trend to the Figaro brand.

The website is designed to accommodate a large amount of imagery which various digital companies will add to the site. Muted colour tones were used to enhance the sites overall visual impact.




Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS, Creative Direction