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Equity for Africa. Helping Businesses Prosper – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Joomla


Equity for Africa is a social enterprise that helps businesses to prosper in order to generate employment opportunities. Their objective is to combat poverty in a sustainable way.

Equity for Africa briefed Lilo on a new design for their website. As a Social Enterprise, it is important for them to communicate their vision and objectives to prospective associates and sponsors.

What We Did

Lilo made use of an open source CMS for the development of this website. The objective behind the design of the website was to attract sponsors and users, giving them easy access to Equity for Africa’s contact details and other important information.

An open source CMS was customised to display profiles of the Entrepeneurs who’ve partnered themselves with Equity for Africa. The entrepeneurs are able to log in and edit their profiles via this simple to use CMS.


Charity / Non-Profit


Web Design, Web Development, Joomla, Branding


PHP, Joomla, Javascript, HTML / CSS