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ENA – Network Innovation Collaboration Portal

Web Design, Web Development, Bespoke CMS

Lilo was appointed to redesign and redevelop the NIC Portal, to provide a dynamic and functional website


About the client

The NIC Portal allows Network Licensees to post expressions of interest in relation to particular topics, inviting project partners to make contact with them.

For project partners, the site allows them to record their names and contact details in a single repository, which Network Licensees can view.

ENA wanted to improve the portal, to elevate it as the first calling point for UK networks innovation. They felt that they needed to improve the way that they published and shared learning. User experience was a key element to focus on. ENA also required a similar look as used for their Smarter Networks website – to promote brand symmetry.

About the project

For the NIC portal, Lilo incorporated the bespoke CMS-driven solution used for the Smarter Works portal – created on the .Net web platform. This immediately ensured that the new site would be more accessible – mobile-friendly to be viewed on any device, and also compatible with all browsers.

The basic functionality from the previous site was reimplemented:

New projects are registered via hosted interactive form (user login required) and submitted to the regulator. These reports are retained within a database and for the life a project progress and closedown reports can be submitted. The progress and closedown reports are auto populated from existing text in the project registration and new text for relevant fields is added by the user. The registered projects, progress and closedown reports are then published to the website by automation.

Changes were implemented to improve the overall look and user experience, such as advanced filtering options for the site search. This allowed both the Network Licensees and Project Partners to navigate to the desired content easily.


.Net ASP, Javascript, IIS, PHP, CSS, Responsive / Mobile-friendly

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