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Etherapy recognised that there is a rising demand for counselling and therapeutic services in order to help with today’s increased emotional, psychological and physical difficulties – a direct result of the complexity and difficulties of our everyday lives.

Depression, stress and anxiety have become common symptoms of our fast-paced modern times. To help alleviate this,

Etherapy asked Lilo to create a digital platform where users could receive counselling and therapy from the comfort of a familiar space – via their personal computer or mobile device. Therapists are also able to create their own personal profiles from which regular users can book sessions.

What We Did

Lilo developed a bespoke CMS to fulfill Etherapy’s requirements.

Users can create their own profiles, and search through an extensive list of therapists – who cover counselling a number of conditions. Each therapist has a calendar page where sessions can be directly booked.

A customised blog / news section was also created for Etherapy to easily share relevant information.

All of this functionality is easily accessible across any device – from smart phones and tablets, to personal computers.

To market the site, Lilo employed a multi-faceted SEO strategy, alongside a social media marketing campaign.




Web Design, Web Development, WordPress, Branding, SEO, Social Media Management


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