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Branding, Creative Direction, CMS Website Design

Conceptualise a corporate identity

About the client

Lilo was asked to design and conceptualise a corporate identity for an exciting new community focussed website called Cycleloco.

Lilo was asked to design and conceptualise a corporate identity for an exciting new community-focused website called Cycleloco. The client wanted a complete branding solution that included a logo and CMS-driven website design. The website will act as an online biking directory, providing users with everything they need to know about cycling and bikes.

About the project

Design: Logo

To kick-start the creative process for the design of the logo, we made a few rough pencil sketches on paper. Our objective was to define a simple yet recognizable shape/symbol for the new logo. Using the bike as inspiration, we incorporated a simple, pictorial shape into the actual typeface of logo design.

After determining a basic, pictorial shape with a strong conceptual look and feel, we selected an appropriate typeface, “Gotham Rounded Bold” to complement it. The typeface is bold but at the same time smooth and rounded.


Design: Website

Once we had the logo we could move on to the second phase of the design process which entailed designing a community-based website. The client wanted their website to be contemporary, bright, playful, vibrant and professional. Lilo design and developed a CMS-driven website that exhibits interesting and dynamic features such as a blog, forum and supplier advertisements.


Microsoft Framework 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft

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