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Culinare. Kitchen Gadgets for Quick & Safe Food Preparation – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Magento, Ecommerce


Culinare was established over thirty years ago with the launch of their unique take on can openers – the original, iconic ‘Magican’. This success of that hero product led to worldwide sales of over 18 million, which helped for the basis of the Culinare brand.

The existing Culinare website was a basic html site, which presented users with basic information on their product range, and directed site visitors to purchase these items on external websites. While this helped users find the products they wanted, Culinare wanted to improve the presentation of their whole range and also provide a quicker method of selling to their users.

The current site was also not mobile-friendly, providing a poor user experience on mobile devices.

After developing three other Magento ecommerce websites for Culinare’s parent company, DK Brands, we recommended that Culinare also be built on the same platform.

What We Did

The overall design favoured the use of larger images, and user-friendly navigation – creating a simple experience for users where they could easily find the right products.

Using Magento provided a site that was not only search-engine-friendly, but it also created a mobile-friendly shopping experience. For the DK Brands staff, inventory management was made easy due to their previous experience with the Magento platform.




Web Design, Web Development, Magento, Ecommerce


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