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Clinton Grobler Architects. Cape Town Architectural Practice – Lilo

Web Design, Web Development, Branding


Clinton Grobler Architects is a small architectural practice run based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Clinton Grobler asked Lilo to design a website that would give users a clear picture of their professionalism and capabilities within the architectural industry. For this project Lilo had to communicate architectural design through online design. Our solution had to complement the client’s existing images and show reel.

What We Did

The client required an all encompassing branding strategy that would be informative and simple. We decided to reinterpret rather than redesign their existing logo and brand. Slight yet effective changes were made to their existing type phase and subtle colour variations were added to their existing palette.

We succeeded in implementing a branding solution that illustrates compositional strength and innovative design. The overall layout and design of their business stationary and website is a combination of calculated line-components and inventive thinking.




Web Design, Web Development, Branding


Illustrator, Fireworks, HTML / CSS, Javascript


South Africa