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Increase in users
Increase in eCommerce conversion rate
Improvement in bounce rate

The Challenge

Click4Warranty system through the development of a new API. The API integration is essential for the management of quotes and new policy information from all the group’s websites, sent to the administrative site.

Sector: Financial/Insurance
Target Audience: B2C & B2B
Services WordPress Web Design, Web Development, Content Placement, Ecommerce
Technologies: ASP.NET, HTML / CSS, MS-SQL Server, Opayo, WordPress, Elementor, PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript / jQuery
Location: United Kingdom

Improving the website’s rankings and performance was a priority, and so was enhancing the UX and improving brand visibility.

Our dedicated SEO team worked hard on those aspects by implementing a tracking system to monitor site activities and performance, therefore gathering important data to be analysed on a monthly basis.

This data was vital to making decisions on the UX of the site, and incorporating eCommerce tracking with a Google Analytics 4 implementation was necessary as it provided valuable info on online transactions and user behavior, leading to better informed marketing decisions.

Other features which required attention: implementing page-builder functionality to simplify content editing, creating a custom quote process tailored to the client’s needs, establishing a custom API for seamless integration, integrating a secure payment gateway for smooth transactions, setting up a blog to engage and inform users, and implementing eCommerce tracking to monitor online transactions.

The Solution

Our web design team in London has put together a comprehensive plan for the creation of a new administrative hub. This hub will be seamlessly connected to the Click4Warranty system through a custom-built API that we’ll develop internally. The main objective is to ensure that all quotes and new policy information from the group’s various websites can be effortlessly transmitted to the administrative site.

Based on experience and past projects, Lilo’s teams are confident that this integration will have a substantial positive impact on Click’s business, by streamlining flows of data it will show an increase in both revenue and conversions.

Project Scope of Works

  • Custom Design
  • WordPress Development
  • .Net Development

Lilo’s SEO team has developed an exciting strategy to improve the site’s performance and visibility.

An important part of the plan is to implement a solid tracking system which will allow to monitor and analyze site activities and performance which will inform marketing decisions.

Lilo has also identified new features to enrich the website’s functionality: incorporating a user-friendly page-builder functionality, design a custom quote process to streamline customer interactions, integrate a secure payment gateway a blog and eCommerce tracking.

This strategy will improve the website experience and increase brand visibility. We are excited to see the results!

Resources / Planning

  • Website Designers
  • Front-End Programmers
  • Back-End Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers

The Result

Click4Warranty is one of a family of car insurance companies, and a new custom administrative hub was requested to help manage all of their quotes and policies. For this case study, the web design London team worked on the new administrative hub that was created, and connected to the new Click4Warranty system via a new API that was also developed internally.

This ensured that all quotes and new policy information from all the group’s websites were sent to the administrative site. Because of this integration, revenue and conversions were greatly increased, making the client extremely satisfied.

Our SEO teams worked to improve the site’s rankings and onsite performance to improve the user experience and brand visibility. The team also included an option for tracking site activities and performance as well as data collection. For data analysis, ecommerce tracking was included with a Google Analytics 4 implementation to help the client make informed decisions on their marketing efforts.


Other Features

— Page-builder functionality for easy content editing
— Custom quote process
— Custom API
— Payment gateway integration
— Blog
— eCommerce tracking


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