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Celeus Business Solutions. Business Innovation – Lilo

Web Design, Branding, Multimedia


Celeus business solutions provide web-based solutions to corporate clients. They approached Lilo to design an internal business communication site for them called CoMatrix. During the development of this internal communication platform, Celeus asked Lilo to come up with a complete branding strategy for the Celeus brand. The branding challenge was therefore two-fold and our creative team had to come develop two unique branding solutions – one for CoMatrix and one for Celeus.

What We Did

The Lilo Web Design company was tasked with designing the new Celeus website and logo. The client didn’t provide us with an initial brief and we were responsible for conceptualising the design and development of the website from scratch. The website had to be simple, user-friendly and inviting. Celeus would use the website as a vehicle for showcasing the latest Celeus products and developments online.

Lilo chose a unique typeface for the logo design and implemented a warm bright red for the template. The design is very simple but effective, giving visitors a unique introduction to the Celeus brand and services.




Web Design, Branding, Multimedia


Illustrator, Fireworks