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British Council. International Organisation for Cultural Relations – Lilo

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The British Council approached Lilo for the development and design of an interactive flash-based map that could showcase 150 Climate Champions from 30 different countries. The International Climate Champions programme works with young people who are passionate and committed to action on climate change. This global map would be presented at the 2009 Climate Change Convention taking place in Copenhagen.

What We Did

Lilo was briefed on the the basic design and functionality of the map. The idea was to design and develop a map that would form part of the existing online identity of this exciting Climate change Initiative. Lilo referred to the existing colour palet used by the British Council for this initiative and proceeded to design and develop a global map with interactive, flash-based features. The map locates 150 Climate Champions from 30 different countries.

Users can scroll over the different locations and countries on the map to see which Climate Champion representatives are currently active in that area. A short description will open up on the screen when you select a participant’s name.




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