Social Media Management: Are You Being Followed?

Do you have a reputation as a trend-setter or a thought leader? Does your brand have a loyal following of online customers who love sharing your news and views – or does the mention of your company’s name leave the digital community scratching their heads?

With the right social media marketing strategy, you can fire up your site’s social media feeds, improving your credibility and visibility.

Lilo uses social media optimisation (SMO) to boost awareness around your brand, through the most suitable social channels and communities. This guides interested searchers to your website, and encourages them to share your content socially with other potential consumers.

Depending on your industry and company needs, we may use a number of social channels to market your brand, including social news sites, platforms like Facebook and Twitter, RSS feeds, blogging sites or video sharing sites.

Lilo’s Social Media Management services help to communicate your brand’s unique message to your audience, and engage with them to build a loyal, lasting following.

Make Your Mark with Social Media Marketing

Search engines have started placing an ever-growing emphasis on social signals; as the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know, that makes an impact. This means that brands with a strong social network are seen as more credible by search engines.

Thanks to this rising trend, a good social media strategy will also improve your brand’s search engine optimisation (SEO). A social media account that provides value to its followers, also builds trust in your brand.

Social media gives your business a face and a voice! It allows you to speak to your customers in a more personal, direct way. Social interaction is built on conversation; make sure your brand is one of the voices that get to make itself heard.

Specialist Strategies for Social Media Success

Our tried-and-tested social media marketing tactics will be tailored to your company’s needs. Lilo starts the process with three simple steps: Identify, Create, and Engage.

Did you know? Google, the world’s most trusted search engine, views high quality content and link building as the two most important signals when ranking a website for search.

Thanks to this rising trend, a good social media strategy will also improve your brand’s search engine optimisation (SEO). A social media account that provides value to its followers, also builds trust in your brand.

Identify: Because your business is unique, the social strategy we put in place will be fully customised.

Our team will identify which channels are best suited to the needs of your company. We will also audit any existing channels you might have, and optimise these to offer more value to consumers.

Create: We’ll get to know your preferred target market, which enables us to put a social media strategy in place with original, shareable content tailored for that audience. We can also improve your online following further by adding targeted advertising campaigns on social platforms.

Engage: When your audience speaks to you, we’ll help you to respond appropriately and foster a strong, positive relationship with them. When they feel heard and valued, customers often respond by acting as ambassadors for your brand.

The Next Steps

So, once your online presence has got consumers all a-twitter, it’s time to work on retaining and improving your company’s status as a social media superstar. To make this happen, Lilo’s marketing specialists use the following tactics:

Competitor Analysis: We monitor and analyse the social efforts of your direct competitors. This gives us a clearer idea of the “do’s and don’ts” of your industry, and helps us to refine our social marketing strategy for you.

Reporting: We measure all activity and create customised reports, so you can see what your social media marketing is achieving. Analysing and reporting helps us to see what content your audience enjoys and responds to. We can use that knowledge when creating future content.

Reputation Management: We will manage queries and comments across all your social media platforms, to help improve and uphold your reputation among your consumers.

Social Listening: We’ll monitor digital media channels to find out consumers are saying about your business. We can use this information to help you shape future content that will encourage a positive response from your audience.

Tools We use a variety of the industry’s leading tools to analyse, plan, source and share social media content for your platforms.

Training: We’ll work closely with you and your in-house team, providing training on social media etiquette so you can maintain your brand’s good name online.

Social media is more than a fad or a fashion; it’s a movement that’s changing the way we communicate, and it’s here to stay. Isn’t it time you joined the conversation?

If you’re looking to break into the social media scene and make a name for your brand, contact Lilo and speak to our experienced social media managers.

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