Pay per Click is a Smart Marketing Solution

Pay Per Click marketing is an digital advertising tactic designed to attract more potential consumers and direct them to your website. With Pay per Click, you pay every time a searcher clicks an ad. In other words, you only pay when an interested consumer visits your site.

Pay per Click is a popular and highly affordable marketing model used by businesses worldwide. The UK marketing specialists at Lilo know how to make Pay per Click work for you, with targeted campaigns that send a crystal-clear message to your target market.

How does Pay per Click impact your company's online presence? There are a number of key benefits to keep in mind:

Benefits of Pay per Click Ads: Speedy & Reliable

Speed: Pay per Click is ideal for businesses looking for fast results. The ads can be created and launched within a short space of time, and you'll see an almost instant upsurge in traffic once they go live.

Stability: PPC ads aren't affected by Google's algorithm changes. Unlike other aspects of SEO, you don't need to revise and adapt your campaign every time Google updates one of its ranking algorithms.

PPC Marketing for Business: Targeted & Affordable

Customisation: More targeted advertising leads to better quality traffic. PPC is designed to attract customers who intend to make a purchase, rather than online “window shoppers”. There are many techniques our team can use to ensure your ads hit the mark.

We can schedule your PPC ads:

  • To run during the best sales periods
  • To display in specific geographic regions
  • To ensure they reach as much of your target market as possible

By using specific keywords to appeal to different demographics, we can also make sure each ad gets your message across to the right people, in the right place.

Did You Know? Better PPC ads get not only a higher click-through rate, but also lower costs per click, as they score higher on Google's quality score metrics for ads. Simply put, better quality means cheaper clicks!

Credibility: PPC sends additional traffic to your website, which improves your online visibility to searchers and search engines alike. The more popular your site becomes with searchers, the more credible and trustworthy you'll be considered within your industry.

Cost-effectiveness: Because you pay only when one of your ads is clicked, PPC makes it easy to manage your marketing budget and keep costs under control. PPC data can also be tracked in detail, so you know what sort of return on investment you're getting.

PPC Marketing is Measurable, Testable & Informative

Measurability: With PPC, you can clearly measure every aspect of your campaign, from views, clicks and visits, to costs and profits. It's easy to see exactly how much you spend and how much you profit from PPC marketing.

Cost-per-conversions are valuable when comparing your PPC campaign ROI against other marketing tactics. Data is reported accurately and correctly and campaign results can be tracked extensively.

Testability: PPC can also tell us a lot about searcher behaviour. It gives marketers a great low-risk way to experiment with different keywords. This testing can help us determine how to optimise your site further.

PPC is also useful for landing page testing, allowing you to direct traffic to an assortment of pages on your site, and determine which pages give you the most conversions. This information shows us how to proceed with SEO on each of your web pages.

Leading PPC Advertising Services for UK Clients

PPC gives you fast results, but without other elements of SEO in place, it will only give you limited success. If your business doesn't have a strong message and a loyal online following, even the smartest PPC ads can only take you so far.

For long-lasting benefits, paid ads should be used in conjunction with a holistic SEO plan. This is where the Lilo strategists come in; we consider paid search as a part of the bigger picture, and create each campaign to work in favour of your site's SEO strategy.

AdWords for PPC: Lilo's Services

We use Google AdWords, one of the Internet's leading PPC advertising tools. These ads are small, box-like icons displaying simple messages or logos that will direct people to your website.

Google is the world's most popular search engine, a whopping 43% ahead of its closest competition, Bing. This makes Google AdWords a highly effective tool for implementing a PPC campaign.

After discussing your marketing needs, Lilo will purchase listings for your business and put our PPC plan into action. You'll start seeing an improvement in traffic – and conversions – in no time at all.

Give us a call today and find out more about how we can harness the power of PPC marketing to benefit your online brand.

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