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Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a multifaceted and fast-changing industry. At Lilo, our mission is to harness the dynamic nature of the web to improve your business’ online visibility and generate a buzz around your brand.

How does Lilo make each of these digital marketing methods work for you?


Why you need it: Good SEO leads to a better position for your site in search engine rankings, which makes it more visible to potential customers. Optimisation will also improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your site.

How we do it: Our team will look at your existing site design and consider all aspects of your online presence, before presenting you with the best possible solution to fit your brand and budget.

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Why you need it: PPC allows you to set a marketing budget and control your monthly advertising costs. You pay only when an interested searcher clicks on an advertisement. This strategy also typically gives you a fast increase in interested visitors to your site, as you’re able to reach your target consumers in the right place, at the right time.

How we do it: Lilo uses AdWords, which is Google’s Pay Per Click advertising tool. We place a listing for your business in a search engine’s results pages, and this listing will appear alongside and above the non-paid (organic) search results.

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Email Marketing

Why you need it: Our email marketing service allows you to speak to a wide audience, while communicating effectively with each individual customer in that audience.

How we do it: We create e-mail marketing campaigns for businesses of any size. We start by compiling a targeted recipient list based on your target market demographics, so you can rest assured your marketing message reaches all the right inboxes.

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Customised Content Targeting

Why you need it: Filtered, personalised content appeals to more consumers and will give them a more targeted online experience, which increases the time they spend on your site, and improves the rate of conversion.

Simply put, more targeted content leads to more purchases.

How we do it: We help you ensure that your onsite content is dynamic, targeted and relevant to your potential consumers’ evolving needs and interests.

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Social Media Management and Optimisation

Why you need it: SMO drives traffic to your site from a variety of sources, not just search engines. It promotes the sharing of information and relevant links, and helps to develop a community around your brand.

How we do it: As with our SEO services, we will review the needs of your company and your customers before presenting the optimal solution to drive targeted traffic to your site. This may include the use of RSS feeds, social news sites, platforms like Facebook, or video and blogging sites.

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Your company’s blog gives you a chance to engage with your customers on a more informal level, by discussing topics of interest or sharing company news.

Why you need it:Quality blog posts play a vital role in a well-rounded SEO strategy. Unique and engaging content will capture the attention of interested searchers.

How we do it: The Lilo team will assist you with the creation of relevant, impactful blog content to help keep your company profile in the online limelight.

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Why you need it: Reporting applications provide you with a wealth of insight into the effects of your marketing efforts.

How we do it: We use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaigns and report back to you with suggestions for your next steps.

Holistic Digital Marketing Solutions

Lilo takes an integrated approach to digital marketing, using a combination of these services to meet your company’s unique requirements. Speak to us about giving your brand a voice.

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