GymbaROO CMS – How to edit an invoice

Please note that there are minor differences between franchise websites due to bespoke features requested from various franchise owners. Some of the site screenshots used in this manual might not wholly reflect the look of your own site.

Today we are looking at how to edit an invoice for your customers, and also apply a refund.

This guide covers how you can change an amount they are paying you, so that it records the different amount on the website (as well as show the adjusted amount on their receipt).

Example scenario

A parent, Trevor, has enrolled his child into one of your classes, and he has been invoiced. Belatedly he decides to enrol a sibling. The new enrolment process generates a second invoice, but you have a multi-enrolment discounts that needs to be applied (10% off for the second child).

The amount on the second invoice needs to be changed to reflect this discount.

How to edit your invoice

Editing an invoice

Editing the invoice amount

How to apply a refund

Refunding the invoice difference

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