Ten Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

Top intriguing digital marketing stats from the first week of July after Brexit, like buyers are turning more to online retail purchasing, and more.

Online Shopping – The Brexit Effect

So has Brexit had a detrimental effect on our buying trends? In retail stores yes, but people seem to have turned their frowns upside down with some online retail therapy.

  • From 25 June to 3 July 2016, online traffic was increased by 29% and revenue jumped by 22%

How do UK customers prefer to shop online?

We’ve all seen articles highlighting the rise of mobile devices, and how more users are connecting to the internet via phones and tablets. Yes the growth is phenomenal, which is why it’s strange to see that in a survey of 2000 UK consumers, 61% stated that they prefer to browse for gifts via a desktop computer. Also:

  • Desktop computers were used to complete gift purchases for 54% of survey participants
  • A mere 6% chose mobile as their favourite platform for browsing the web. A reason for this could be that a large amount of websites are still not truly optimised for mobile devices

Communicating with the Younger Generation

With websites and obviously the various social media channels available today, business are finding new ways to communicate with their (potential) customers.

  • Only 7% of 16-24 year-olds contact a company via telephone
  • Surprisingly that kind of statistic does not only apply to the youth of today, as only 12% of 16-55 year-olds prefer to call a business

Euro 2016 was the most mobile-centric yet

Euro 2016 has just concluded this past weekend, and while the football on show was not vintage, the tournament did offer up many surprise results (sorry England fans). Of course many people were keeping tabs on the competition via various sporting apps, resulting in the following stats:

  • Sports app usage increased by 65% in the UK, Germany and France
  • Flurry, UK reports that users spent 44% more time on sports apps in June 2016, if compared to the same period last year

What do the top travel sites lack? What do users think of the latest tech craze – virtual reality? For more news and statistics, please see Econsultancy’s full article here.

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